10 Best Aussie Beers To Drink This Australia Day

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Looking for a local drop to tip this Australia Day? Well we have partnered with Mane Liquor to bring you 10 of the best Aussies beers to fill your esky on Australia Day.

Sure you can go with the usual Aussie suspects VB, Export, Swan Draught or Fosters – but for a true Aussie beer experience make sure to support local craft breweries and grab something different and unique this Australia Day.

Personally though just to be clear there is nothing wrong with an ice cold can of Bush Chook!

10 Best Aussie Beers for Australia Day

Source: Instagram | @beerfarm

Eagle Bay IPL – 5.8%

The best of both worlds in regards to a Pale Ale and a Lager. Crowd pleaser. Arguably one of the beers of the Summer. Fingers crossed they core range this beauty!

Cost: $22 a 6 pack or $75 a carton

Colonial Southwest Sour – 4.6%

One of the very few locally packaged Sour beers on the market, and one of the most approachable for that matter. A great beer for those new to the whole Sour Beer category.

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Cost: $25 a 6 pack or $87 a carton

Rocky Ridge Peach Invasion – 6.3%

One of the beer styles currently taking the world by storm. Hazy in appearance and fruity by nature, this would have to be one of the best versions of the hazy IPA style that currently gets packaged in Australia.

Cost: $24 a 4 pack or $85 a cube

Beer Farm Desert Lime and Lemon Myrtle IPA – 6.5%

In collaboration with WA foodie legend, Fervor, this IPA uses native Australian ingredients and a South African hop variety (Southern Passion) combined with lactose sugars to create a truly unique hazy IPA experience. 

$12 a 500ml can or $40 a 4 pack

Nail Red – 6%

Finally this old favourite has been put in tinnies! Hard to go past this hoppy number for those who like their beers a little heavier on the palate.

$19 a 4 pack or $62 a cube

Cheeky Monkey Bluzu – 4.4%

A collaboration between Chicho Gelato and Mane Liquor. Like the Colonial Sour, this is about as approachable and drinkable as they come. A very fruit driven sour made to compliment all sorts of palates. 

$25 a 4 pack or $90 a cube

Otherside Break Antipodean Pale Ale – 5%

A tropical inspired Pale Ale using a variety of Aussie and Kiwi grown hops. 

$20 a 4 pack or $70 a cube

Rocky Ridge Session Ale – 4.6%

A clean and tasty beer released from the guys down in Busso as part of their core range. Tropical, light, quaffable – all words that sum up this Summer delight.

$16 a 4 pack or $55 a cube

Beer farm IPL – 5.2%

A staple within West Aussie craft beer drinking circles. This is what put Beer Farm on the map and for good reason. A staff favourite here at Mane Liquor.

$17 a 4 pack or $84 a case

Feral Hop Hog – 5.8%

The newly canned Hop Hog is a great sight to see. Tinnies are the way forward and it’s exciting that this will be the first Aussie Day weekend where Hop Hog is available in cans and should be a staple in eskies around the state.

$16 a 4 pack or $55 cube

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