Your guide to winter in Mandurah.

Us Perthians know how to do winter. That is, if by “know how to do” you mean stick to the indoors and hide away until the sun shines again.

But times are a’changin and as more bold West Aussies stray from their suburban shelters, regions around Perth are opening their arms wide to embrace winter. And we’re not talking about that quick, awkward you-do-it-because-you-have-to kind of embrace.

We’re talking a full-on wintery bear hug. A no-holds barred embrace of all-things-winter. We’re talking drag queens skating on ice and marsh mellow toasting (wait for it) at sea.

Indulging in this next-level chill and inevitably becoming a “winter person” doesn’t take a trip across the world or even the country.

It’s all right under your frosty nose. Right there, in Mandurah.

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

1. Secret Sounds of the City

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

Mums the word when it comes to Secret Sounds of the City.

Each Tuesday night local artists will perform a secret gig in an undisclosed location.


Each event includes 3 different local musicians singing and jamming in an intimate and unique setting. Paired with a free drink on arrival and great food and drinks available for purchase throughout the night, it will be the best 3 hours you’ve spent on a Tuesday night and beats a lazy Netflix binge.

How does it work?

  1. Before the event: Book your tickets online.
  2. One the day: Receive your secret location by text to your mobile (must have purchased a ticket to receive the text).
  3. The event experience: Intimate venue, 3 musicians, drink on arrival, food and drink available for purchase during the night

Numbers extremely limited. Entry is by pre-sale only. So next Tuesday night instead of rugging up on the couch – warm your soul with some local tunes instead.


2. Roast n’ float

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter
Eco BBQ Boats

Roasting marsh mellows by a camp fire is so last season. And apparently, so is roasting them on dry land.

You might find yourself wondering who on earth looked at people toasting marsh mellows and just thought to themselves “You know what they need? They need to be doing that on an electric, donut-shaped boat floating on the ocean.”

Rather than wasting time asking these questions, hurry up and grab five mates, some drinks and get roasting n’ floating.

The whole experience goes for about 90 minutes, plenty of time to chow down on the marsh mellows (provided to you with the necessary roasting sticks) while listening to tunes through the Bluetooth speakers aboard.

If you don’t have a seadog mate, never fear, no skipper’s license is required to pilot these marsh mellow-laden vessels. 

Book here:

3. Laugh and dance the cold away

If Drag Queens on ice weren’t entertaining enough, there are a whole lot of other events sure to pull a smile from even the frostiest of ice-queens.

From tribute nights paying homage to the likes of Abba, Meatloaf and the Beatles, to stand up comedy or burlesque at Piper’s Inn, there’s plenty of entertainment to warm the soul over winter.

But for those especially keen on the tunes, there are some events in particular to look out for, mostly because they’re a kept bit on the secret side.

4. Take your doggo to sip a puppyuchino

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter
Source: Instagram | @midwayfarmstall

That’s right, puppychinos are a thing.

And they’re being served up at the Midway Farm Stall

just South East of the Mandurah city centre.

While checking out just what kind of hipster dogs are indulging in their Sunday morning puppychinos would be a good enough reason on its own to visit, there’s also amazing local produce and human food and drink served up on the quint farm property. 

There’s few winter meals that could rival a Pinjarra pie enjoyed with a piping hot coffee, except maybe for that Sunday roast you can now finally cook like you promised with some darn good grass-fed beef, available to buy on site.

5. See the region by foot, flight or… steam engine?

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

The Mandurah and Peel region is absolutely bursting with gorgeous trails through forest and bush, which, let’s be honest, are best enjoyed during winter.

Without the stinking hot sun on your back, you’ve got one less reason not to give hiking a go and take in the heady aromas that burst from the forests as they finally get their long-awaited drink from intermittent winter rains.

From Yalgorup National Park to Serpentine, Jarrahdale and Boddington, take in a bit of green as a break from the cement city-scape, there’s more at this time of year than any other.

If you want to take in the whole region in one go, without moving a muscle (we get it, we all get lazy), you can take to the skies in a plane from Murrayfield aerodome, just 15 minutes from the Mandurah city centre. Scenic flights range from 30 to 60 minutes, with a chance of head-spinning aerobatics in some planes. For a limited time during winter, prices start at a low $189.

For the less adventurous, but equally-lazy, you can steam through the Dwellingup forests – literally. The Hotham Valley Tourist Railway is a special way to see the Peel region with a dash of history to the experience, and even serves five course meals on Friday and Saturday nights.

6. Shack up for some R and R

It’s one thing to take a breath from it all somewhere in Perth, but even just that hour between you and the hustle and bustle makes all the difference.

There are plenty of options to book a luxurious getaway from it all in Mandurah, whether it’s for a romantic weekend or a family holiday.

From beach-side apartments, to hotels and B&B’s, many of accommodation providers offer up a little something extra over winter to draw the average Perthian out of hiding.

The bargain hunter in you won’t need to look for long to find deals of up to 20 percent off in some cases, like at Beachside Haven Apartments, while Sebel Mandurah is taking $25 off a night and somewhere like Lazy River B&B will chuck in a complimentary bottle of wine.

With the coin saved on accommodation, it’s the perfect opportunity to take part in that “self care” everyone keeps harping on about and book a massage. If where you’re staying doesn’t have spa services on hand, there’s another winter deal you can make use of – all in the name of relaxation. Mandurah Mobile Massage Therapy is offering 20 per cent off during the colder months for those who needed any other reason to be pampered.

7. See the sea and those within it

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

For some, staying close to a fire is what keeps them warm. But for others, it’s seeing a bit of the rough coastline that makes them feel all toasty inside.

Breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves thunder into one of the many beaches around Mandurah.

Of course the canals within the city centre offer a calmer way to get your oceanic fix, with the added bonus of potentially seeing a few much-loved locals.

Unlike many of us Perthians, dolphins don’t shy away from showing their face during winter, and as ever remain frequent visitors to the marina. 

8. In preparation for hibernation

There’s no escaping the known reality of the season – wintertime is chow time. There’s plenty of time to focus on the “summer bod”, but put that to the back of your mind as you embrace one of the best things about winter – the food.

Flic’s Kitchen is turning up the heat over the winter festival, with events like a “food lab”, five course vegan degustation and an incredible native dinner series. Meanwhile, it’s time to get back amongst the reds and the cheeses that have been waiting all year to be truly enjoyed, at Oceanic Bar and Grill’s wine and cheese night

. Redmanna Waterfront Restaurant is also making the most of the season with an insane six-course truffle dinner. But if laid back eats is more your style, Oyster Bar Mandurah is hosting a BBQ every Sunday during winter, with beer-marinated sirloins to get you drooling.

Speaking of beer, if you haven’t yet cottoned onto Peel’s craft beer scene, now’s the time, before the next summer brings an even greater wave of clued-on visitors. From Three Rivers Brewing Co, to King Road and White Lakes, you can easily get together a DIY beer tour. 

Otherwise, Skipworth, Drakesbrook, Millbrook and Peel Estate are where you can taste some of the region’s fine wine.

If this is all sounding a bit too overwhelming – particularly in deciding who’s going to play taxi in this boozy tour – you can always book in with Mandurah Wine Tours, who are offering a free spot when you buy two on their bus during winter.

9. Obstacle course

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

There are those who are content on the ground, looking up at the towering trees above them, and there are those who feel the need to get up amongst those trees.

If you’re one of the latter, then hurry up and get out of the city and live your best life in the branches of the lush pine and jarrah forests of the Lane Pool Reserve. There you will find a high-ropes course to finally satisfy your inner monkey, or drop bear, whichever you prefer.

From the flying fox to the airborne skateboard, Trees Adventure offers an obstacle course high above the ground for the inner thrill seeker of us all.

Book here:

10. Tee up on the green

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at one of WA’s best courses, on a day without the sun burning a hole through your hat and at half price, well… now’s the time.

The Cut Golf Course in renowned across the State, not just for the immaculate green itself, but for the views over the roaring coastline (before you ask, it’s much too far off for you to sink your ball into the waves). Through winter they’re offering a two for one deal, so you and a mate can rug up and enjoy an afternoon of spectacular views from one of those much-loved buggies… oh and of course play a spot of golf too.

Book here:

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