11 Wonders Of WA You Must Experience

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9. Mount Augustus

WA natural wonder Mount Augustus

To keep up with Western Australia’s renowned rock star status, we have to talk about the biggest one of them all: Mount Augustus.

The Gascoyne-Murchison region’s eye-catching landmark is the world’s largest monolith, nearly three times as big as Uluru. It is possible to conquer the 750m high climb or admire it from its 49km hiking trail. Just like traditional rock stars changing up appearances, so does Mount Augustus with both sunrise and sunset giving the rock ‘no filter required’ colourful transformations. Don’t want to climb? It is possible to take photos from Emu Point.

In springtime, carpets of wildflowers bloom around the rock, making it one vivid and Instagrammable sight!

It’s not just impressive on the outside as ancient rock art of the Wadjari Aboriginal people can be spotted at Mundee, Ooramboo and Beedoboondu visitor sites.

10. Kalbarri Skywalk and Nature’s Window

Kalbarri Skywalk - WA Manmade Wonder
Source: Instagram @waparkswildlife

Kalbarri is a place of unity. It is where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean. Its towering red-jagged cliffs that embrace the coast appeal to the many but inland almost mirrors its gorgeousness.

Cue Kalbarri National Park. The burnt red and white Murchison River gorges stretch for 80km and can be explored in the depths and at height. The vantage point? Up to you. But of course, we will make some suggestions.

Nature's Window, Kalbarri
Nature’s Window, Kalbarri National Park

The Park’s iconic lure is Nature’s Window. Have a real-life natural art gallery experience with capturing a view of Murchison River snaking the 400 million-year-old jagged gorges.

The other way to soak in the spectacular vistas is by taking a sky-high strut along Kalbarri’s impressive new twin skywalks. The Kalbarri Skywalk allows you to feel airborne, jutting over the burnt-red gorge and sitting 100m above the Murchison River. Rest assured, whichever vista you decide, it will be gorgeous.

11. Pink Lakes – Hutt Lagoon and Lake Hillier

Hutt Lagoon
Aerial view of Hutt Lagoon, near Port Gregory

It’s almost as if Mother Nature had a bit of fun when putting the natural jigsaw pieces of Western Australia together with the presence of pink lakes. Over the last few years, the State’s Pink Lakes has become an Instagram favourite for their unusual bubblegum hue.

Hutt Lagoon is the most accessible out of the two, located along the drive between Port Gregory and Kalbarri. There are many pit stops to soak in the pretty pink hues along Port Gregory Road, or you can choose to take in the lake from the air on a charter flight. Top tip: make sure you visit on a clear day, around mid-morning or sunset.


Western Australia’s other colourful lake, Lake Hillier is located in the south in the Recherche Archipelago. Hop on a scenic flight with Goldfields Air Services to treat yourself to some natural eye candy. Think of it like as a 2D colourful Cadbury crème egg with layers of deep blue ocean, pristine white shoreline, green wilderness and a delectable pastel pink waterbody its core. Be warned: It is a pleasurable experience for the eyes only!

The reason why the lakes bestow such a colourful hue is due to their extremely high level of salinity with its vibrancy changing with the time of day. 

We’re free to Wander Out Yonder – explore more of WA by visiting westernaustralia.com.

All images featured courtesy Tourism Western Australia 

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