There are some things that are just So Perth we have to explain them a little further.

When friends and family visit from over east there are always a few things that need explaining, a few things that are just so Perth.

1. Dry heat

It gets hot in Perth, but it’s more of a dry heat. We don’t have the humidity of Sydney.

2. Public transport is not an option

We aren’t proud of it.

Travelling to Perth and you want to get to the beach… Sorry no trains going to Scarborough… feel free to use the bus though.

Want to get anywhere that is off the main arteries north, south or east? You will need a bus or Uber for that.

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Oh and forget using public transport in peak hour or during the middle of summer.

One positive – we do have free cat buses in the city though, which is awesome!

3. The weird white thing at Elizabeth Quay


Actually nope… that can’t be explained.

4. Why can’t we merge?

We can’t explain why we can’t merge but we are trying.

The government implemented new merging lanes and we also wrote an article about how to merge in Perth.

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5. Why don’t we have daylight savings?

Well it seems like everyone wants it because we love to complain about it every year, however, in 2009 we voted on it and 54% said no dice.

So no daylight savings for us… at least the cows are happy.

6. Major freeways are prefaced with ‘the’

It’s called The Kwinana Freeway, The Mitchell Freeway, The Graham Farmer Tunnel etc…

7. We have the cutest animal in the world

Credit: @Rottnest Express

In Perth we are like those proud parents that shove photos of their children in peoples faces… but in this instance, it’s photos of adorable smiling quokkas.

We will not stop talking about it until you agree it’s the cutest thing you have ever seen.

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8. It’s not always sunny in Perth

While we like to claim we have are the sunniest capital city in the world, there’s always that time when a friend or family visit and it rains… I thought you said it never rained in Perth?!?

Ok it does rain but this is the first time in X weeks it has rained…

9. Just how hot it gets in Summer

“You don’t know hot until you have experienced a Perth summer. 40+ day in day out.”

Are you guilty of talking about just how hot Perth is in summer?

10. How you only live 10, 20, 25mins from the city

When explaining to visiting friends or family how far out from the city you live – it’s safe to say we all seem to live within 10, 15, 20, 25mins from the city.

25 minutes can stretch pretty far in Perth.

11. The weird green thing at Forrest Place

It’s meant to be a cactus… we think.

12. We only holiday in Bali

We don’t travel east or even in our own state.

“Have you not been to Bali?”

“Insert I have been to Bali X times… X times in the last 3 years.”

Why go anywhere else ever when Bali is only 3 hours away and so cheap?

13. Why don’t you go to the beach every single day?


Tourists are amazed at our beaches and always say.

“If I lived in Perth I’d be at the beach every day.”

We have no defence for this… Really though why aren’t we at the beach more?

14. Why is everything so expensive?

We blamed the mining boom for $20 pints.

Now that the boom is over we are fighting this with pints as low as $3.00. Come at us Melbourne and Sydney!

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