19 of The Best Quotes and GIFs from The Castle

Straight to the Pool Room!

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Here’s my collection of the top 19 quotes from The Castle (in no particular order) that need to go straight to the pool room.

Kicking a goal!

Darryl: What’ do you call this?
Sal: Chicken.
Darryl: and it’s got something sprinkled on it
Sal: Seasoning
Darryl : Seasoning! Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal.

Opposite of letting down

Steve: Dad, you haven’t let anyone down. I don’t know what the opposite of lettin’ someone down is… but you done the opposite.

Victoriana Feel

Darryl: See that lattice up there?
Valuer: Yeah?
Darryl: Fake. Plastic. Gives the place a Victoriana feel. Chimney. Fake too.
Valuer: Why’s it there?
Darryl: Charm. Adds a bit of charm.

The marvel of electricity

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Dale: He reckons powerlines are a reminder of man’s ability to generate electricity.

Common Sense

Federal Court Judge: And what Law are you basing this argument on?
Darryl: The Law of bloody common sense!

Land value

Dale: Dad still can’t work out how he got it so cheap. It’s worth almost as much today as when we bought it.

It’s the vibe

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Dennis: In summing up. It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo, It’s Justice. It’s Law. It’s the Vibe

Ideas Man

Dale: Steve is also an ideas man. That’s why Dad calls him the Ideas Man. He has lots of ideas.

Get Stuffed

Darryl: Tell em to get stuffed!


Darryl: What are you calling an eyesore? It’s called a home ya dickhead!

Dehydration explained

Trace: It was so dry on the plane that your hair actually dehydrates, doesn’t it Con.
Con: Yeah it loses it’s moisture.

Jousting Sticks

Dale: How much is a jousting stick worth Dad?
Daryl: Couldn’t be more than $250. Depending on the condition.


Darryl: How’s the serenity? So much serenity


Darryl: Tell him he’s dreamin’

Fishing with the Kerrigans

Darryl: Listen to that! Singing like a bird!

Dale: He just loved Bonnie Doon. And he reckoned the faster you went the more you saw of it.

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Dale: Dad reckons fishing is 10% Brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck


Suffer in your jocks!

Darryl: Suffer in ya jocks

Cost less than the materials

Darryl: 45 bucks. You couldn’t buy the materials for that.

Never a truer word spoken

Darryl: It’s not a house it’s a home, a man’s home is his castle.

The Castle Trailer

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