19 of The Best Quotes and GIFs from The Castle

Straight to the Pool Room!

Here’s my collection of the top 19 quotes from The Castle (in no particular order) that need to go straight to the pool room.

Kicking a goal!

Darryl: What’ do you call this?
Sal: Chicken.
Darryl: and it’s got something sprinkled on it
Sal: Seasoning
Darryl : Seasoning! Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal.

Opposite of letting down

Steve: Dad, you haven’t let anyone down. I don’t know what the opposite of lettin’ someone down is… but you done the opposite.

Victoriana Feel

Darryl: See that lattice up there?
Valuer: Yeah?
Darryl: Fake. Plastic. Gives the place a Victoriana feel. Chimney. Fake too.
Valuer: Why’s it there?
Darryl: Charm. Adds a bit of charm.

The marvel of electricity

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Dale: He reckons powerlines are a reminder of man’s ability to generate electricity.

Common Sense

Federal Court Judge: And what Law are you basing this argument on?
Darryl: The Law of bloody common sense!

Land value

Dale: Dad still can’t work out how he got it so cheap. It’s worth almost as much today as when we bought it.

It’s the vibe

Dennis: In summing up. It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo, It’s Justice. It’s Law. It’s the Vibe

Ideas Man

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Dale: Steve is also an ideas man. That’s why Dad calls him the Ideas Man. He has lots of ideas.

Get Stuffed

Darryl: Tell em to get stuffed!


Darryl: What are you calling an eyesore? It’s called a home ya dickhead!

Dehydration explained

Trace: It was so dry on the plane that your hair actually dehydrates, doesn’t it Con.
Con: Yeah it loses it’s moisture.

Jousting Sticks

Dale: How much is a jousting stick worth Dad?
Daryl: Couldn’t be more than $250. Depending on the condition.


Darryl: How’s the serenity? So much serenity


Darryl: Tell him he’s dreamin’

Fishing with the Kerrigans

Darryl: Listen to that! Singing like a bird!

Dale: He just loved Bonnie Doon. And he reckoned the faster you went the more you saw of it.

Dale: Dad reckons fishing is 10% Brains and 95% muscle, the rest is just good luck


Suffer in your jocks!

Darryl: Suffer in ya jocks

Cost less than the materials

Darryl: 45 bucks. You couldn’t buy the materials for that.

Never a truer word spoken

Darryl: It’s not a house it’s a home, a man’s home is his castle.

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