A significant number of Al Messilah crew members have now tested positive for COVID-19.

Although Western Australia recorded zero new cases of COVID-19 overnight test results from the Al Messilah ship have just come through.

A further 24 positive crew members have now been reported by the Department of Health.


“We have a further 24 positive. Repeat 24 positive COVID-19 crew members on the ship currently at Fremantle port. This is in addition to the one positive case reported over the weekend.” Mr McGowan stated.

These 24 case numbers will be included in the official numbers tomorrow.

“Obviously these test results. Only at one point in time. So it is possible we could get further positive results in coming days. Given there are 52 crew onboard.” said Mr McGowan.


More to come.

Feature image: AAP Image/Richard Wainwright

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