5 Interesting Coronavirus Reads: Trump, 101-Year-Old Beats Coronavirus, Trevor Noah & More

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5 interesting coronavirus reads for March 30th.

You can be forgiven for living in the Perth coronavirus bubble, especially considering most are living the ISO life, that is why we thought we’d bring you regular interesting coronavirus reads to get you across what else is happening in the world of coronavirus.

We’re almost there guys, we’re almost through with March.

But, things are not slowing down and today was no exception.

Here are the top five must-read/watch pieces of news from around the world.

1) Trump flip flops.No way, right?

He’s usually so clear and consistent.

But old Trumpy has turned the heat on and off and then on again for COVID-19. Just a week ago he was saying he was about to open up the economy and today?

Well, today he says he probably won’t do that. You know, to make things “less bad”. 

Read more: Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines To April 30, Backs Off Idea To Reopen Economy By Easter

Watch: The evolution of Trump and coronavirus

Timeline of Trump speaking on COVID-19

"I've felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic." Really, President Trump? 🤔(via Brut News)

Posted by Brut on Friday, 20 March 2020

2) 101-year-old beats the Spanish Flu… and then COVID-19

It just shows you what a life of pasta and red wine can do.

For this Italian-born man, known only as “Mr P’ making it to 100+ wasn’t enough. No, he had to go and survive the two greatest pandemics of the last 100 years. Must have some good genes.

Read more: 101-year-old Italian man born during Spanish flu recovers from coronavirus

3) Hey young people – you could die, K?

In typical Trevor Noah fashion, the young presenter executed another great interview (this time from the comfort of his own home) with Anthony Fauci, director of America’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

His main message? Young people are not invulnerable and home remedies are NOT A THING.

Note: scroll up for Noah’s video shot a couple days after this interview, trying to follow Italy’s example and sing from his NYC apartment.

Yeah. Not the same man.

Watch now: Trevor Noah Facebook

4) China is getting better… sorta

We’ve been hearing a lot of China’s success in containing this virus. But you join the general applause, take a second to read about how asymptotic cases are (obviously) not and have never been reported, and how efforts to re-open places like cinemas in Shanghai have been shortlived.

Read more: Chinese citizens fear catching coronavirus from ‘silent’ carriers

Read more: China re-closes all cinemas over coronavirus fears

5) UK doctors at risk, two already dead

If anyone least-deserved to be struck down by this virus, it’s the healthcare workers straining to protect people around the world.

Yet, the UK over the weekend lost two of its practising doctors, and experts say protective equipment is just not getting to healthcare professionals fast enough.

Read more: Skynews Twitter

More coronavirus coverage on SoPerth.com.au:

Feature image: Trevor Noah Facebook

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