5 Must-Reads: Corona (beer) Comes To Stand-Still, P!nk Beats The Rona Then Slams The U.S, Nation-wide Mourning In China & More

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5 must-read coronavirus stories from around the world on April 4th, 2020.

1. No more Corona (beer)

It may have been a joke for a time, but the pandemic has taken its toll on the brand, with production temporarily suspended in Mexico today after the President ordered the suspension of all non-essential activities.

Read more: Grupo Modelo – the company that makes Corona – declares production of its beer will cease.

2) P!nk positive for COVID-19, negative on confidence in the US

Pop-idol Pink announced on Twitter that she had been tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago, after she and her three-year-old started showing symptoms.

Thankfully P!ink and her whole family were cleared today, but she slammed the US Government for “not making testing more widely accessible”.

Read more: P!nk donates $1 million for COVID-19 response after beating the virus herself

3) China stops to mourn

As Australia figures out how to mark ANZAC day at the end of the month, China is already marking the thousands who have died from COVID-19 as the pandemic rages on. The country came to a halt this morning to remember the doctors and nurses who died because of the virus. 

Read more: Air raid sirens rung across China to remember those lost to COVID-19, with millions pausing for a three-minute silence.

4. Thousands arrested in Central America for breaking new rules

We may be getting used to the $1000 fines in Australia, but in other places across the world, people are facing prison for breaching the new regulations. It comes as hundreds of Australians are still waiting for a flight back home from places including Central America.

Read more: More than 5,000 detained in Panama for violating strict curfew, with thousands more jailed for a range of COVID-19 regulation breaches.

5. Major supermarkets to limit people in-store

Coles and Woolworths will be limited the number of customers allowed in-store, to enforce social distancing.  The supermarkets have already put various measures in place, with markers on the floor to keep people apart in queues, but under these new rules, people could be barred from entering for a time if a store is too full.

Read more: Coles and Woolworths ramp up measures to prevent transmission in store

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