5 Must Reads: Daleks spread self-isolation message, Trump says “a lot of death” to come, theories 5G spread the virus slammed & more

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1. Daleks order humans to self-isolate

“All humans must self-isolate, by order of the Daleks.” These were the robotic words ringing through the streets of Sandford, England today, and yes, they were uttered by a Dalek, in a matter of speaking. Police used the quirky tool to prompt smiles and to remind people to stay indoors whenever possible.

2. Trump says “a lot of death” expected in the US, but the country must re-open for business

A not-so-great man once said: “some of you may die, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make”. Now we’re not saying Trump is exactly like Lord Farquaad in Shrek, but his address today was the closest thing to a real-life-version of the Farquaad’s speech. Trump on the one hand admits he expects many people to die of the virus, but on the other stresses the US was “not meant for” a total lockdown.

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3. Theories 5G spreads coronavirus slammed

As conspiracy theories go, the one about 5G towers spreading coronavirus is up there. Unfortunately, it’s not one to just scoff at, with vision of phone towers on fire emerging in recent days that show people are taking the theory way to seriously. Medical experts are rushing to rubbish the claim, but the idea that 5G signals suppress the immune system and make people more susceptible to the virus, or that 5G can somehow directly spread the virus, are still out there.

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4. Iranian shopping mall transformed into medical centre

The photo of what once was an Iranian shopping mall now being used as a place to treat COVID-19 is one of those that will probably go down in history. The makeshift facility was propped up as Iranian officials fear people are becoming complacent and starting to venture outdoors.

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5. DIY test kits intercepted at the border

There are plenty of scams out there urging people around the world to buy their very own COVID-19 test kits. But Australian Border Force has now reported finding hundreds of these defective devices at the border. More than 200 test kits were seized in Perth alone last month, with the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton issuing a stark warning that the kits would likely give inaccurate results and stop people from seeking proper medical advice. 

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