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5 Must-Reads of the Day: 1 million people download coronavirus app, ScoMo’s popularity surges, Apple donates 20 million masks and more

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5 must-read coronavirus global headline stories from around the world on April 27th, 2020.

1. Government’s new contact-tracing app downloaded more than 1 million times so far

Despite some people’s concern over breaches to their privacy, the new app set to trace people’s movements and contact with others was downloaded more than 1 million times just hours after its release.

Federal Shadow Health Minister Chris Bowen and WA Premier Mark McGowan were among the first to download the app, but other MPs like Barnaby Joyce have voiced their unease with the technology.

As of Monday morning, the app was downloaded about 1.13 million times, with the Government hoping millions more will take up the technology and setting the goal at 40 percent of Australia’s population.

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2. Scott Morrison’s popularity on the rise during pandemic

The latest Newspoll results show most Australian’s are pretty happy with Prime Minister’s handling of the pandemic, with Scott Morrison leading the polls on who the country would prefer to have as its PM 56 to 28 against Anthony Albanese.

The number of people satisfied with Mr Morrison increased to 68 per cent, up from 61 per cent last month.

Meanwhile, parties like the Greens and One Nation lost ground and fell 1 and 4 per cent respectively.

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3. Apple donates face masks and produces face shields to aid in fight against pandemic

The technology giant has thrown its weight behind the personal protective equipment stockpiles, sourcing 20 million masks and vowing to design protective face shields.

It comes as other major companies like Tesla stepped up support – buying 1,255 ventilators from China to ship to LA.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company planned to pursue other measures of support in the future.

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4. Man dies two days before wedding after testing negative to COVID-19 three times

A 37-year-old Italian father of four died after being admitted to hospital with symptoms doctors were convinced indicated he had coronavirus.

But Luca Cristina tested negative three times, prompting his fiancee to push ahead with wedding plans.

Tragically, Cristina died just days later, with autopsy results yet to determine what killed him.

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5. Beating coronavirus means “permanently” changing how we interact, CMO says

Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said the progressive rolling back of restrictions expected in coming weeks and months did not mean life would be returning to normal for Australians.

Instead, he signalled people needed to “permanently” shift their behaviour to ensure the risk of spread remained low.

“Even if we release restrictions in the future, people need to change the way they interact permanently,” he said.

“If we are going to relax these distancing measures, the things we have closed, we have to change how we interact as human beings until we are through with this virus.”

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