5 Must-Reads Of The Day: Dr. Desai Truth Bomb On Fox News Live, Don’t Adopt & Run & Much More

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5 must-read coronavirus stories from around the world on April 2nd, 2020.

Wrap up of trending coronavirus reads from around the globe.

1) Two masks to last you

Facing calls to lockdown cities and declare a state of emergency, the Japanese Prime Minister instead turned to divvy out two fabric face masks for every household across the country, all 50 million of them.

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2) Refugees test positive

COVID-19 has infiltrated a refugee camp in Athens and infected 20 people, prompting the Government to totally isolate the 2300 refugees for at least two weeks.

Read more: Greece quarantines camp as 20 refugees test positive for COVID-19

3) Don’t adopt and run

It’s definitely good news to hear pet adoptions are remaining strong and even increasing as people face social isolation. But animal shelters today warn for people to reconsider their decision to adopt in the fear they will surrender animals once life picks up again post-virus.

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4) Indonesia the new Asian epicenter

Just a day after officially barring all foreigners from entering the country, Indonesia has recorded the highest COVID-19 death toll in Asia behind only China. As of today, 170 Indonesian men and women have lost their lives to the virus, just a month after the country declared its first case

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5) Truth hurts

A doctor’s no-holds-barred analysis of coronavirus testing shortcomings is going viral ― not just because of his blunt talk but because of where he made his case: live on Fox News.

Read more: Doctor Drops Some Coronavirus Truth Bombs On Fox News, Lights Up Twitter

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