5 Must-Reads of the Day: Learner driver has fine dropped, Trump lashed for the “blood on his hands”, beauty queen puts on scrubs and more

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1. She lives to learn another day

Remember our learner driver stung for going on a trip with mum to build up some more hours behind the wheel? Well, that controversial $1,652 fine has been dropped by the Victorian Police after the case went viral.

Read more: Victoria’s Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton says fine on learner driver will be withdrawn because restrictions were not clear enough

2. US official loses mother to COVID-19, blames Trump

An NYC official Scott Stringer says President Trump “has blood on his hands”, after losing his 86-year-old mother to COVID-19.

“In New York City, this is playing out in so many families, and I’ve got to tell you, Donald Trump has blood on his hands and he has my mom’s blood on his hands,” he said.

Read more: NYC official lashes President Trump’s response to COVID-19 after losing his mother to virus

3. Chinese holiday-weekend sees thousands disobey warnings and flock to tourist-spots

Tens of thousands of people in China’s major cities have flocked outdoors over the country’s holiday weekend, despite fears a second wave of COVID-19 could strike the nation.

Some spots were so busy by 8am, authorities had to declare them “at capacity”, that is, having reached their 20,000 person limit.

Read more: Holiday-makers flock to popular spots across China, despite warnings

4. More than a pretty face

Miss England has put down her crown and donned her scrubs, to continue her career as a doctor during COVID-19. That said, she barely came off the stage of a pageant, returning from charity work overseas to get onto the front line.

Read more: From beauty queen to frontline doctor during COVID-19

5. J.K. Rowling uses magic breathing technique to overcome COVID-19-like symptoms

The Harry Potter author revealed she had “all the symptoms” of coronavirus… though never tested positive. Her solution to getting well? Taking a deep breath.

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