News Coronavirus 5 Must-Reads of the Day: Matthew McConaughey plays bingo with isolated...

5 Must-Reads of the Day: Matthew McConaughey plays bingo with isolated oldies, Himalayas visible for first time in 30 years, Trump targets the WHO and more

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Coronavirus headlines from around the world 8th of April, 2020.

1. Matthew McConaughey keeps oldies alright alright alright

What’s better than virtual bingo during isolation? Virtual bingo hosted by Hollywood heart throb Matthew McConaughey.

Granted most the players would have had a fair share of hip replacements and pace-makers between them, but who can resist McConaughey?

Read more: Matthew McConaughey hosts virtual bingo with elderly residents in aged care facilities in his home state

2. Hello Himalayas, it’s been a while

Emptied streets and vacated workplaces are hard to see. But with these harrowing images comes some incredible sights as well.

With pollution at an all-time low in India, the Himalayas are now visible for the first time in 30 years for people as far as 200km away.

Read more: Indian locals amazed to see Himalaya’s from their balconies for first time in three decades

3. Trump targets those responsible – the World Health Organisation

Remember the WHO? That international body that has been meeting almost daily and providing updates to the world?

Well Donald Trump has decided they’ve done a damn poor job at this whole coronavirus thing.

In the wake of more people within the US pointing the finger at the president for the country’s mishandling of virus containment, Trump called the WHO “China-centric” and said they had “been wrong about a lot of things”.

Read more: Trump blames the WHO for virus misinformation and mishandling

4. One expensive party

A group of people partying it up in a hotel room on the Sunshine Coast have been slapped with a $6000 fine by police for breaching social distancing rules.

The police confirmed all five people were locals, who just had “no knowledge” of the fact there was a pandemic going on.

Read more: Party-goers plead ignorance to try escape $6000 fine for breaching rules

5. Wuhan lockdown at an end

The 76-day shut down of the city where it all started came to an end on Wednesday.

Trains, flights and all major transport will start up again and healthy residents are allowed to leave their homes.

Those with a government-assigned green QR code on their mobile phones, indicating they are healthy and safe to travel around, will also be able to get to work should their employer provide a letter asking for them to come back.

Read more: Wuhan re-opens after 10 week lockdown

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