News Coronavirus 5 Must-Reads of the Day: Musk calls stay-at-home orders "fascist", Germany...

5 Must-Reads of the Day: Musk calls stay-at-home orders “fascist”, Germany records huge COVID spike, police officer charged for breaking rules and more

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5 must-read coronavirus global headline stories from around the world on April 30th, 2020.

1. Elon Musk rages against lockdown orders

The usually calm and collected founder of Tesla is not a fan of the lockdown rules in place in the US and wider world.

And he’s made no secret about what he thinks should be done.

He especially doesn’t like stay at home orders he calls “imprisonment” of Americans.

“This is fascist, this is not democratic, this is not freedom,” he said.

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2. Germany records huge spike in COVID-19 cases and extends travel bans until June

While Australia looks like its quashing its coronavirus cases, other countries are not so lucky.

In the 24 hours up until Thursday morning, Germany recorded a whopping 1,627 new COVID-19 infections.

Fatalities also rose by 153 to 6,467.

But the big blow came when the Government announced travel warnings would remain in place until June 14, decimating hopes in the tourism sector.

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3. WA police officer charged for breaking travel rules

A 29-year-old female police officer and her boyfriend tried to travel on the Wheatbelt to Perth earlier this month, without any kind of lawful exemption or good reason.

It is alleged they were asked to turn around at numerous police checkpoints, but tried to get past and into Perth after being stopped.

“On both occasions the man driving the vehicle was advised by police he was not an exempted traveller and was given a direction to turn around,” WA Police said in a statement issued on Thursday.

“It is further alleged the man failed to comply with this direction and immediately continued beyond the police checkpoint.”

The police officer was charged with two counts for failing to comply with a direction and is due to face the Midland Magistrates Court on June 2, with her boyfriend fined and charged as well.

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4. Eagle rays in Dubai marina

Incredible vision of huge eagle rays coasting through the marina in Dubai has emerged today.

The absence of people and boats crowding the waters coaxed the rays into the marina.

It comes as other sightings, including of one of a pod of 2000 dolphins off Fujairah in the Arab Emirates, have been recorded.

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5. Halls Head College principal stood down over virus letter to parents

Principal of local Perth school, Halls Head College, Browyn White has been stood down after sending out a letter to parents asking them not to send their children to school.

The direction is against the Department of Education’s advice.

Ms White sent the calling for only the children of essential workers or those unable to stay at home to attend school for the first week of term two, which started on Wednesday.

A shortage of cleaning supplies and the ability to apply physical distancing requirements prompted her to issue the warning.

But colleagues have said she only had the students’ best interest at heart, with an online petition calling for her Premier Mark McGowan to intervene and Ms White to be reinstated already being signed by about 2000 people.

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