5 Must-Reads Of The Day: Samuel L. Jackson Tells You To Stay The F*#k At Home, Goats Live Their Best Life & Ryan Reynolds Talks Social Distancing

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5 must-read coronavirus stories from around the world on April 3rd, 2020.

1. Man eating kebab gets pinged under social-distancing laws

That’s right, a man sitting on a bench eating a kebab was approached by roaming police and fined for breaching strict rules where people are only allowed out “unless absolutely necessary” and have been urged not to linger in public.

So, sitting on a bench munching on a kebab didn’t quite make the cut under the rules, and he was fined $1000.

Read more: Police fine 50 people in NSW and Victoria under sweeping new laws.

2. Samuel L. Jackson’s not-so-wholesome bedtime message to stay home

We all love the bad-mouthed Samuel L. telling us to get those snakes off planes, or that tesseract out of Loki’s hands, but this week the outspoken actor had a different message.

Watch: Samuel L. Jackson – Stay The F*#k At Home

3. Goats gone wild

Who run the world? Goats.

That’s the new world order after the coronavirus left streets deserted and mountain goats in Wales free to roam the seaside town of Llandudno.

And they’re not the only animals to have taken advantage of new terrain opening up free of humans for a time.

Read more: Goats flock streets of town in Wales, coyotes to San Fran as animals’ behaviour changes across world due to cities in lockdown.

4. Ryan Reynolds chats social distancing over gin with Stephen Colbert

Witty and wonderful Ryan Reynolds has shared his family’s techniques for dealing with COVID-19 which include gardening in their backyard.

But the famous actor known best for his role as Deadpool, did take off the model-father hat for a moment to admit he was also helping time go by with gin. Lots and lots of gin.

5. Oprah and Leo to the rescue

You get COVID-19 relief, and you get COVID-19 relief, everybody gets relief!

Iconic TV host Oprah Winfrey has donated more than $16 million to help fight the coronavirus and only partnered with Leo himself to do it.

DiCaprio and Oprah both donated to the Apple Food Fund, just days after a record 6.6 million Americans claimed for unemployment.

Read more: Celebrities team up to help fight COVID-19

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