4 Must-Reads Of The Day: Spring Breakers Test Positive, Wuhan Going To Back To Normal & More

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4 must-read coronavirus stories from around the world on April 1st, 2020.

Wrap up of trending coronavirus reads from around the globe.

1) From Russia with love… and smartphone monitoring

Authoritarian regimes have their perks and one of them is close monitoring pf all citizens during a lockdown.

Russia has announced a new smartphone app in the midst of its COVID-19 outbreak, and its not Tik Tok. 

Read more: Putin Takes Coronavirus Precautions as Moscow Unveils Tracking App

2) The Force will be with him, always

A much-beloved actor on the set of Star Wars tragically passed away after being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Andrew Jack was a British actor and dialogue coach who played one of the rebel generals in The Force Awakens and Last Jedi. He even worked on the Lord of the Rings, with fellow cast member Sean Astin (Sam Wise Gamgee) remembering him as “powerful & gentle in equal measure”.

Read more: Andrew Jack, ‘Star Wars’ actor, dies from COVID-19

3) Lockdown lifted

Remember Wuhan?

The place this all started? Well China has announced the lockdown will soon be over, transport will resume and life for locals will (hopefully) return to normal. While some countries have announced the first of their lockdown measures in the last few days, Wuhan will stop its restrictions as of April 8. But concerns of a “virus comeback” linger.

Read more: Wuhan’s coronavirus lockdown is being lifted but doubts remain it will ever return to normal

4) Spring breakers return broken

“28 university students go to Mexico amid a pandemic” is unfortunately not the start of a joke, and the punch line is more sobering than funny.

US officials report a group of about 70 people – most University of Texas students – in their 20s departed on a chartered plane (who even are these people?) to Mexico a week ago. Upon returning, dozens of them tested positive to COVID-19.

Read more: 28 University of Texas students test positive for coronavirus after Mexico spring break trip, officials say

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