5 Must-Reads of the Day: Toilet paper limits lifted, Trump “not responsible” for people drinking disinfectant, China threatens Australia over the COVID-19 probe and more

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5 must-read coronavirus global headline stories from around the world on April 28th, 2020.

1. Coles lifts restrictions on toilet paper in sign world could be returning to normal

The days of barren shelves empty of toilet paper are seemingly over, as the supermarket giant lifts the limits on how many rolls customers can by during the pandemic.

A spokeswoman said demand for all kinds of goods was expected to stabilise.

“We expect to remove further limits as customer demand continues to stabilise and more categories see supply levels return to normal,” she said.

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2. Trump says its not his fault his suggestion of detergent being a possible treatment against COVID is being taken seriously

The US President last week made some bizarre and quite dangerous comments about bleach and detergent potentially being a good way to “clean” the lungs of coronavirus.

But when presented with the consequences of his comments – that is, people going ahead and ingesting the chemicals – Trump said he shouldn’t have been taken seriously.

When asked if he took any responsibility, Trump said “No. I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine that”.

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3. China prickles over Australia’s pursuit of a review into its handling of coronavirus

Australia has joined the sentiment of countries around the world who want a probe into how COVID started and how it was handled in the first few weeks.

However, China took this newest voice to the cause personally.

Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingye said Australia’s support for the inquiry could result in Chinese tourists having “second thoughts” about visiting or consuming Australian products.

Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham said the ambassador’s comments were inappropriate and doubled down on Australia’s “reasonable position” in calling for the review.

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4. COVID-19 the new “flu”, expected to come back every year

Top Chinese scientists have suggested a vaccine for COVID is not on the cards, and the virus will take the place of influenza as a yearly disease outbreak to be treated accordingly.

SARS, a close cousin of COVID-19, also was never beaten with a cure, leading scientists to believe it is not likely for coronavirus either.

“This is very likely to be an epidemic that co-exists with humans for a long time, becomes seasonal and is sustained within human bodies,” said Jin Qi, director of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at China’s top medial research institute, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

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5. Theory COVID-19 created in a lab gains momentum

Chinese researchers from Wuhan have been undergoing studies in Australia on bats and the link to COVID-19.

But the thing that’s making some raise eyebrows is the date of their studies and research, which finished up in January this year.

One of the scientists confessed in an interview to be shocked about the news of a new deadly virus originating in Wuhan and wondering if her lab based in the city was to blame.

“I had never expected this kind of thing to happen in Wuhan, in central China,” she said, confessing she remembers thinking “could (it) have come from our lab?”

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