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5 Must Reads Of The Day: Vaccine In 18mths Maybe Not, Gender Distancing, Bingo & More

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5 must-read coronavirus stories from around the world March 31st, 2020.

We did it guys.

We got through March.

April probably going to be way better, right?

1) Vaccine, vaccine, where art thou?

Researches across the globe are trying to develop a vaccine.

In the US, the first human trial of a potential cure began on March 16.

In Australia, the Peter Doherty institute identified the antibodies in patients that effectively fought the virus.

So everyone is working hard, and people around the world are crossing fingers and toes we’ll have something to cure this thing sooner rather than later.

Well, not to burst that bubble, but that 18-month timeframe we’ve been hearing about?

Even that may be too optimistic…

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2) Battle of the sexes

In one of the most unusual quarantining measures yet, Panama has announced it will restrict movement in the city based on gender.

That’s right.

From tomorrow, men will be able to go out for essentials – to the supermarket and pharmacy – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and women on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.

Guess they’ve got to keep the snips, snails and puppy dogs’ tails separate from the sugar, spice and all things nice at this time of crisis. 

Read more: Panama to restrict movement by gender during virus quarantine

3) Brits asked to stop smoking or die

Where have we heard that one before?

But this time it’s been issued as a piece of advice to keep the UK death toll down. Experts at the Centre for Perioperative Care issued advice to have alcohol free days, quit smoking and exercise as the virus spreads, which all should come naturally to everyone in self-isolation.

Turns out in Wales at least it’s working, with Public Health reporting a 40 per cent increase to sites on how to quit.

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4) It’s a mid-life crisis

New research shows the risk of the virus starts increasing not in the more senior among us, those 65 and above, but in middle-aged people. The youngest person to die of the virus in Australia was a 68-year-old Queenslander last week. But new data shows you don’t have to be all that old to be all the more at risk.

Read more: New coronavirus study reveals increased risks from middle age

5) First, the Italians sing from their windows, now the Spaniards find a way to play Bingo

Heartwarming scenes have come out of Madrid of Bingo numbers being yelled across an apartment complex, as self-isolating people indoors listen in and try to win the game from afar. 

Read more: People around the world are playing bingo with neighbours from their balconies

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