8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth – Can You Break Out?

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Your mission if you choose to accept it is to take the challenge of the best escape rooms in Perth.

Gather a group of your smartest friends to take on the very best Perth escape rooms. 

Expect a night of adventurous fun that involves being immersed in scenarios that revolve around you being trapped. Choose between horror-themed rooms like Buried Alive or trivia themed rooms like Heists. There are even Disney themed rooms available for the more cautious ones.

Whether you’re a Sherlock Holmes or a Nancy Drew in the making, these rooms have something for everyone.

So grab your brainiac besties and voluntarily trap yourselves in a room with no means of escape. 

Escape This 


8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth - Can You Break Out?
Source: @escapethisperth

Bang in the middle of Perth, Escape This has quickly become one of the most popular rooms to escape from.

They are the home to Perth’s most terrifying escape room called Buried Alive. As the name would suggest, you start your experience off by being buried alive in a coffin.

We recommend building your way up to the Buried Alive Room by trying their other horror-themed rooms first, like The Haunting or Dracula.

Escape This also has other (less scary) options like their adventure-based rooms such as Bank Heist or A Wizard’s Chamber. Don’t worry, there are heaps of bars nearby that can help you gain some liquid courage before entering these rooms.

Realmz Escape Game 


Ever wanted to stop the world’s most toxic weapon from firing and destroying mankind as we know it? Or experience what it would feel like if you were in a spaceship and your life support system starts to fail? Surely you’ve wanted to know what it would feel like to successfully escape a tomb without being cursed by a mummy? 

At Realmz Escape Game in Morely, you and your pals will be able to choose to escape in any one of these movie-inspired rooms. Starting at $35 per person, these rooms will keep you trapped in their scenarios for only 45 mins. 

Escape Hunt


8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth - Can You Break Out?
Source: @escapehuntperth

Located in the bustling streets of Freo, Escape Hunt is one of the few escape rooms that offers both indoor and outdoor games to be played.

Choose between their outdoor rooms by exiting The Magic Portal of their rooms and exploring the outside world or challenge yourself to their more difficult outdoor room like Operation Mindfall. 

Escape Hunt also features indoor quests at their location or at your own. Their recent addition of games involves at home adventures that can be purchased and played.

Download the evidence and gather your housemates.

Ultimate Roomscape 


Immerse yourself in almost life-threatening scenarios with Ultimate Roomscape. Their unique and exciting scenarios are only for entertainment purposes. So don’t forget that at the end of the 60 mins you do get to leave.

With each game only being given 2 clues to solve, Ultimate Roomscape is one of the few escape rooms that are classed as very difficult. Challenge yourself to their most difficult rooms such as Mental Perception where you begin by being locked in separate rooms and have to break out to start. 

Their most demanding room has to be the Pipeline. In this room, you will be put to the test not only as a race against time, but also a race against your teammates. This room is split up like an arena where you and your teammates will be challenged to a series of puzzles that are sure to test you.

Strike Escape Room 

Cannington, Forrest Chase and Karrinyup

8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth - Can You Break Out?
Source: @strikebowling

With a bar, bowling, mini-golf, karaoke, laser tag and an escape room, Strike seems to have it all.

Their escape rooms are a great start for beginners – it involves solving puzzles and finding clues to input codes into buzzers that then unlock doors. The adventure only begins there because you don’t know how many doors you need to unlock to escape.

Strike currently have two varying rooms to choose from at their Cannington location and their Forrest chase location. If you’re in the mood to solve a forensic crime or want to pull off a casino heist, then make a booking at one of the Strike Escape Rooms.

Time’s Up 

Wanneroo & Bunbury

8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth - Can You Break Out?
Source: @timesup.escaperooms

Save the day before the world ends, or escape the jail cell before you get wrongfully convicted -either way, you’ve got to work quickly before your Time’s up.

Choose from one of four escape rooms that have an escape rate of only 47%. Their most difficult room is Knightfall where you are challenged to protect the kingdom after a dark evil has taken over the castle and slayed the king.

Will you step up to save the day? 

With rooms starting at $36 per person you are given 60 mins to break out of these rooms before times up.



With escape rooms, AR Esports, KAT VR and even laser mazes Confined are experts at creating challenging adventures. Their renowned escape rooms are definitely a standout feature.

With only 60-90 mins to escape, these rooms will test you and your teammates skills. Don’t forget, working together is the key.

Their most difficult room is their Lost Civilisation room where you are hired by a billionaire archaeologist to locate ancient artefacts. With this journey, you have 90 mins to solve all the puzzles and you must have 4 or more people in order to solve the puzzles.

So gather your friends and head down to get Confined.

Lost Reality Live Escape Rooms 


8 Best Escape Rooms In Perth - Can You Break Out?
Source: @lostrealityescape

At Lost Reality Live you can expect specially designed rooms with the intention of tricking you. 

These rooms are loosely based on scenarios from famous movies and tv shows. Such as The Frozen King room that imitates a Game of Thrones styled escape room and a room called Jungle which is an adaptation of Jumanji. 

Want to know what’s better than just escaping these rooms? Getting your score on their website’s scoreboard. You even get to upload a picture of yourself and your team.

So get your brainiac friends together and get sleuthing for your chance to be the best. 

So by the end of it will you be happy you made it out? Do you plan to beat the timer or do you just want to sit down and enjoy the decor? Either way, here’s 17 Of The Sneaky Best Hidden Bars In Perth to hit up after to recuperate.

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