Fried chicken is the thing dreams are made of.

It’s the food of the people – comforting, succulent, decadent and oh so pleasing. Yes, fried chicken is the thing dreams are made of and no matter how healthy you’re trying to be, it’s pretty damn hard to say no when the call comes.

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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And we’re not talking about the kind of crispy goodness that comes in a bucket. Nope, we’ve put together a list of the ultimate fried chicken spots in Perth that you just have to try.

It’s guaranteed to be a finger licking good time!

Meat Candy

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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It’s not just a catchy name that this Nashville themed corner shop in Northbridge brings to the table – they’ve also rolled out the big guns in the form of owner/chef Ben Atkinson. Formerly of The Old Crow and Cantina 663 (both of which were at their peak considered to be at the top of their restaurant game in Perth), he brings to Meat Candy the kind of fried chicken our city has been waiting on for way too long.

The offering is simple: accompanied by white sandwich bread and pickles, with the juicy, golden chicken ranging in heat from hot to medium and the starter Southern style. Plus bottles of the hot-sauce are also available to pimp up and transform your chicken into a fiery inferno.

My recommendation is you place your order with the fried brussel sprouts to accompany. Those in the know will recognise these from The Old Crow and believe me, they are still as amazing as ever with the chilli jam, pine nuts and ranch sauce. Ridiculously good, and very well suited to go hand in hand with that glorious chicken. The only difficult thing about coming here? Deciding whether to order the drumsticks, wings or tenders – or all of the above.

Hot Star Chicken

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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Hailing from Taipei’s most popular night market, Shi-Lin, you may already be familiar with Hot Star Chicken due to its reputation or you might have just seen people with the giant take away bags. This fried chicken is made from 100% fresh chicken breast pounded down to a flat patty of mammoth proportions. They say it’s bigger than palm-sized, but I definitely think it’s more aligned to one’s face. And that is my kind of portion!

Fried to order, the crispy coating is then dusted with a chilli and spice mix that varies in heat depending on how hot you can handle it. While you can opt for a boneless version, it’s definitely recommended that you keep it in, as the result is an even juicier offering. The two locations in Perth and Northbridge are both little takeaway shops so they keep the essence of the original night market stand, making it the ideal treat to grab and go.


7 Grams

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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If you haven’t tried 7 Grams yet, you’re doing something wrong with your life. While there are some bigger names drawing in the crowds for Korean fried chicken here in Perth, this humble little shop in Mount Lawley is the real deal. On the outside (and the inside) it looks like a little coffee shop, but the reality is they are pumping out some seriously good eats.

You can buy your chicken as a whole bird broken down into pieces to fry, or half if you want to go a little easier. Flavours include original, soy, sweet chilli, spicy, snow butter and more. This is the kind of meal that you want to bring a group of friends too: mainly because it’s super cheap and you can order lots of flavours and sides to share, making it an even better experience.

Like most venues specialising in this offering, you can also elect for a burger version. But seriously who wants to fill up on bread when you’ve got succulent meat and a crunchy coating to focus your attention on.

The Little Banksia

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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It’s a towering stack of two fried chicken patties encased in a brioche bun with jalapeno slaw and chipotle mayonnaise with a side of sweet potato crisps. And it is delicious! The Little Banksia’s fried chicken burger is a bit of a hidden secret when it comes to Perth’s brunch game, but it can definitely hold its own in this list of powerhouses.

The chicken coating is a darker brown than others you’ll see often, mainly due to the addition of spices such as coriander seeds that are included in the batter. The result is a flavourful and complex bite that really hits the spot. Yes, it’s a two-hand job to tackle this behemoth but once you squish down that burger into something manageable you’re sure to down it in record time.

And the best part? This bad boy is available for breakfast as well as lunch. Fried chicken any time of the day? Yes please.

Hummus Club

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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It’s the ideal spot for some mid-eastern feasting during the week or on the weekends. It’s a Northbridge hotspot thanks to the dedication owners Ziad and Kaitlin Zammar have put into what started as a market stall before becoming a brick and mortar institution. Their zaatar fried chicken, affectionately known as ZFC for those playing along, is an exciting variation in flavours to a classic dish.

Covered in a crisp casing, this is heavy on spice and equally impactful with juicy flesh inside. The pickles on the side bring some sharpness that offsets the chicken – and that oh so incredible garlic toum is the final element in what is a winning formula. Never be shy about asking for more toum: it might leave you with some questionable breath but its worth it!

Alabama Song

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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It’s a honky-tonk bar right in the heart of Northbridge – but that’s just part of the allure of Alabama Song. Part of the Lavish Habits group in company with the likes of Henry Summer, Joe’s Juice Joint, La Cholita, Pleased to Meet You and Sneaky Tony’s, when you step inside you’re transported to country America. While their game is whiskey and b ourbon, time at the bar should be accompanied by an order of southern fried chicken.


The venue is overflowing with American themed paraphernalia, and the lighting dim but warm. It’s heavy on the kitsch but with great live music on the weekends and plates of steaming chicken slinging out of the kitchen, it’s all kinds of good. Plus here’s our hot tip: every Wednesday and Sunday they’re pumping out 50 cent wings. At that price point you can eat as many as your heart desires!


8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to TryIt’s a venue that centres around a love of chicken and beer, fusing together Korean and American flavours. Chimek doesn’t really need an introduction because chances are you’ve heard of it and already eaten it. And if you haven’t, well definitely add it to your wish list because it is seriously divine. While it does straddle the lines between café and fast food, you won’t really care once you dive into devouring the mounds of food in each serving.

There’s a ton of flavours to choose from or you can go all out with the Tower of Babel: a $25 actual tower of chicken that combines any six of their flavours. It’s a multi-storied monster of chicken that will satisfy any craving – and it’s available at all four of their locations in Perth. And whatever you do, make sure you get the cheesy chips: they’re just plain ridiculous.

Jun Restaurant

8 Fried Chicken Joints in Perth You Have to Try
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You’d be completely forgiven if you walked past Jun Restaurant and didn’t even realise it was there. Situated down a narrow flight of stairs on Hay Street, this Japanese joint is humble in it’s setting but produces traditional fare that packs a punch. While the plates of sashimi and bowls of ramen are worth a trip alone, the karaage chicken is definitely where it’s at.

Audible crunches emit from each bite, and the tender nuggets of chicken come out steaming hot – accompanied by a simple squirt of kewpie mayonnaise. Both well flavoured and seasoned, this is the kind of fried chicken that showcases how addictive Japanese food can be. Enjoy on its own or with some rice to make it a meal: you’ll return for this tasty dish over and over again.

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