8 Signs You Are A Melbourne Cup Race Day Bogan

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Ahead of the Melbourne Cup, we thought it would be best to provide a public service announcement about race day bogans.

To make sure you or your friend(s) don’t become a ‘racing bogan’ it might be best to stay away from the following.

Come on Australia this year lets try and keep it a little classy on Melbourne Cup race day.

1 – No glasses required

2 – You enjoy having matching costumes

3 – You have an umbrella… you have a poll

4 – Jacket and shorts because it’s hot…

5 – Drink so fast out of the gates you forget that you actually went to the races

6 – You’ve made 4 withdrawals at the ATM and you still haven’t won a thing

7 – You are a fan of an afternoon nap at the races

8 – From 10/10 to 0

Start of the day

End of the day

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