Many shocked voters in the United States might like to move to Australia – maybe Perth?

Now that Donald Trump is the President of the United States – those looking to flee have some alternatives.

We noticed on Twitter the Canadian immigration website had crashed, and Google searches for ‘move to Australia’ was up…

We assume some might also consider a move to Australia. Here on Australia’s west coast, we’ve got some good things going.

Here’s a guide to American political refugees moving to Perth, Australia.

1) Perth is one of the World’s ‘Most Liveable Cities’

The Economist give Perth a top 7 for the world’s best cities to live. Perth is pretty much miles ahead of any other US city surveyed.

2) Perth’s New Technology Sector

Perth is a hotbed of new tech startups, maybe Facebook and Google could relocate here? We are Silicon Beach, time for Mark Zuckerberg and friends to find a new home! Plenty of room for America’s tech wizards.

3) Our Beaches are pretty good

Speaking of beaches. …. You’re unlikely to find beaches like Perth beaches on the continental US. Plus we even have amazing swimming holes.

4) Loads of Fast Food Outlets

We have plenty of McDonalds, and Mexican food stores and we love our chicken! So many of your fav fast foods.

5) Oil and Gas Industry

For all you Texans wanting to get out – Perth has a thriving oil and gas industry with Chevron, Shell and many others based here.

6) Great Coffee

Perth is home to some of the world’s best cafes and baristas.

7) We Don’t Elect Dickheads (Usually)

Our local politicians are typically – but not always – well educated and have good ideas – both major parties tend to govern in the centre – rather than from the far right or left. So you’ll be safe from anything close to a Trump like candidate (but who knows in this crazy world!)

8) We’re like a Californian city – without the smog or crime

Perth is what a great Californian City could have been. Beautiful south Cali weather on the west coast of Australia. And beautiful, fit people.

9) Most (one of the) isolated Cities in the World

Perth is about 24-hours flight away from the US – you’ll either have to get here from the Australian east coast or via Asia/Middle East – you pretty much couldn’t go any farther from the United States than Perth.

10) We are home to the world’s cutest animal


Almost if they were made in a Disney lab – have you ever seen a more cuter or photogenic animal? You can never be upset or stressed when there are quokkas around.

11) Better Chance to Survive The Apocalypse

If there is a nuclear war, which you never know? – Perth has plenty of escape routes to the Outback where you can possibly survive any fallout from the cities or from the northern hemisphere.

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See you soon!