West Coast Eagles Win AFL Grand Final 2018

AFL Grand Final 2018: Live Scores

BREAKING NEWS: The West Coast Eagles have won the 2018 AFL GRAND FINAL! In a thrilling Victory over Collingwood!!

Sheed is the star winning the game, with a massive goal with just 1 minute left.

Video: Eagles win, the moment of pure pleasure for West Coast. 2018 Premiers.

Reaction to the Seed goal

There it is


How it went down:

4th Quarter of the 2018 AFL Grand Final.

1 minute left: Scenes, Collingwood down. 5 points now. 57 seconds left. Shuey gets a Mark, Eagles are going to win.

2 minutes 30 seconds left: McGovern, the million dollar year man gets a mark, kicks to Ryan. Then Ryan gets it to Sheed. SHEED SCORES! Eagles by 4 points!

3 minutes left: Collingwood desperate to stop the Eagles. Here they come. A big attack coming in from West Coast.

4 minutes to go. Pies up by 2.

5th minute: Adams gets a boot to it 15 out. He misses everything. 2 point Grand Final with 5 minutes left.

6th Minute: Big Cox again! He’s going for his 3rd goal of the Grand Final. The Texan star is waiting for Shannon Hurn to go off for the blood rule. Now he goes back, with American flags in the crowd. Cox goes back from 47 meters. Its short and, no mark. Ball up in the pack. 2 points.

6th minute: Score review. Touched ball on the line, Collingwood goals. Its Collingwood by 2.

8th minute: Open game. Eagles have all the momentum. Collingwood trying to hang on here, with Pies defenders trying to keep the wall from falling. They can’t Marsten gets a mark in a 1-1 contest. He misses. Its a 1-point game!!! There’s a trend here.

10th minute: Kennedy gets it. Has to kick from 50 meters. Doesn’t make the distance. Punched over. 2-point game.

11th minute: Liam Ryan gets a mark 15 meters out. He goes back and he hits the post, again. 2nd poster in 2 minutes. 3-point game.

13th minute: Ryan snaps from the right picket for WCE… Its a point. He shaved the post. Its a 4-point ball game at the MCG!

14th minute: Collingwood by 5 points. But the Eagles are looking composed and focused.

15th minute: Ryan gets a chip to Kennedy in the left pocket for the Eagles. Kennedy confidently slams it around his body. Goal! HERE COME WEST COAST! This game is crazy folks!

15th minute: The Big Texan, Mason Cox, has arrived. The big man has kicked a big, big goal and now its the Pies by 12-points as the Collingwood fans go crazy, chanting USA, USA and Coll-ing-woood in the stands.

18th minute: Nathan Vardy scores a goal and West Coast are not going anywhere! 6 point ball game to Pies.

1st Minute of the 4th Quarter: Whoah! Seconds into the game big kick into Collingwood forward line, Cox gets a hand on it, then bang – Mihocek scores. Collingwood up by a goal. Literally 10 seconds later, De Goey grabs it in the forward line. Another goal. 2 goals in 45 seconds to start the 4th. CRAZY!

AFL live Scores and Updates

What Happened in the 3rd Quarter?

3Q Time: De Goey gets a mark with 3 seconds left, He kicks, but its short! The first drawn 3QT since 1937. 55-55 at the MCG

45 seconds to go: Sidebuttom, and Scofield have an epic men of the beards battle in the Collingwood forward line. Sidebottom is defeated by Schofield with a big punch in defence.

3Q: 1 minute to go – West Coast kicks through Shuey. He misses. Its all tied up at 55-55.

3rd Q: 2nd minute: Collingwood again has its in the forward line after 3 minutes of tight football. Pies by a point now. Lets see what happens in the next 90-seconds

3rd Q, 5th minute: Collingwood get it to the forward line, they strike, but its a miss, the game is now a draw!

3rd Quarter 6th minute: Its starting to rain at the MCG as scattered showers are seen on the Melbourne radar. Meanwhile Eliot Yeo has put West Coast in the lead for the first time in the third quarter! Its a one point ball game.

3rd Quarter 8th minute: Jack Darling gets a big grab at the top of WCE gaol square, after some strong attack by the Eagles. He goes back and bang! The Eagles within a goal now.

3rd Quarter: 9th minute, De Goey is trying to start a riot, has a ping at goal with too much confidence perhaps, misses. 12 point game with the Pies starting to crack?

3rd Q 11th minute: Jack Darling takes a big controlling mark, gets it to Kennedy, and tries to get it back to Darling who springs to the forward line. The Eagles big air strategy starting to pay off?. Shuey gets a hand on it close to gaol, but he misses!

3rd Q 12th minute: Varcoe lays an epic tackle in Collingwood’s defensive 50 meter zone to save a goald.

3rd Q 13th minute: Scott Lycette gets a shot at goal 35 meters out, he misses. Its now an 11 point game at the MCG.

3rd Q 14th minute: De Goey kicks and immediately Collingwood respond to WCE. 12 point ball game.

3rd Q 14th minute: Cripps scores on the end of a Rioli handball right at the score line. Eagles down by 6.

3rd Q 10th minute: Mason Cox kicks his first of the game. Collingwood by 12.

3rd Q 1st minute: Kennedy kicks the first goal of the second half, just 30-seconds in, WCE within 6 points!

An epic AFL Grand Final is unfolding at the Melbourne Cricket Ground this afternoon, September 29th 2018. We are bringing you live updates and scores in real time to ensure you’re across whats going on, during the biggest TV and sporting event of the year.

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