Coming this September AFLX – The BBL of the AFL.

An article just released on shows that the AFL is planning to launch its own version of cricket’s fast pace Twenty20, with a series of matches involving non-finalists in September this year.

What is AFLX?

AFLX would be played on soccer-sized pitches, have only 7 players per side (with 3 or more per side on the interchange), and consist of quarters lasting no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Played on a soccer-sized oval
  • Played between two sides of 7, 3 on each interchange bench
  • 10 minute quarters
  • No centre bounces (kick-ins from full-back after each goal)
  • One umpire

The proposal would see the Saturday after round 23 – when the top eight teams are given the bye – set aside to launch AFLX, a fast-paced, scaled-down version of traditional AFL.

“We are currently investigating the opportunity of using the Saturday of the bye round to showcase AFLX via the best players from teams which have missed the finals,” AFL football operations manager Simon Lethlean told The Footy Show.

“We are exploring this with the clubs, and have contemplated incentives to play and prize money.

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The AFL Footy Show Tweets

Damian Barrett has broke the news that the AFL are set to launch a new AFLX competition featuring sides that miss finals

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