Araluen Botanic Park – One of Perth’s Best Hidden Gems

Nestled 40 minutes from Perth, in the beautiful hills around Roleystone is Araluen botanic park. Famed for it’s beautiful spring tulip displays, Araluen aims to ‘create a unique world-class botanic park of great natural beauty and tranquillity which is accessible to and remembered by all who visit’. Having grown up in a family of horticulturalists, I couldn’t resist a visit whilst the tulips were in bloom.

“Situated in the Perth hills with a north-south valley aspect, Araluen Botanic Park is home to many species of Australian and international flora.A unique micro-climate featuring loam soils and high rainfall provides an unmatched opportunity to cultivate exotic and cool climate plants in Western Australia.

 As a result, Araluen boasts successful plantings of a variety of exotic species in addition to the profusion of native plant species that thrive here.We also enjoy the presence of a range of native wildlife, including marsupials, birds, reptiles and water creatures.”

araluen botanic park

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Araluen Botanic Park boasts 59 hectares of developed gardens featuring a diverse range of exotic and native species of plants. This year the staff at Araluen planted over 120,000 tulip bulbs creating a magnificent display of colours and textures. Despite focusing mainly on the incredible spring tulip display at Araluen Botanic Park, there’s much more on offer for visitors. It’s the perfect place to spend a spring day, wondering through the walkways (a large majority of which are suitable for those with disabilities), photographing or painting the plants and enjoying a picnic. Araluen Botanic Park also host a series of events throughout the year and also provide a beautiful backdrop for a Perth wedding.


Entry to Araluen Botanic Park is an extremely reasonable $15 per adult, car parking is free. You can find out more information about Araluen Botanic park on their website  and Facebook page.