No donation is too small.

As fires continue to burn across Australia we can all do something to help whether it’s a donation or a helping hand.

This crisis is unprecedented in Australia’s history, with the fire season not even reaching its halfway mark. Many of us have already been confronted with the devastating loss of life of 18 people and with the visuals of apocalyptic scenes; burnt red skies, destroyed houses and towns, and perished wildlife. Seeing people head to the coast for respite is something that you would imagine to see out of a Hollywood movie, but for many thousands of Australians, it is what they had to do to survive the unrelenting blazes that surpass some European countries in enormity.


Perth may be on the other side of the country, but we as a community can assist in supplying relief to Australia’s biggest natural disaster. 

This is the time for mateship.

Our fellow Aussies need all the help they can get.

Please demonstrate your support by donating to the below organisations.

Keep in mind that many donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Fire Services

Support the firefighters and volunteers on the front line.

Meanwhile, in Western Australia, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services does not take monetary donations as it is a government body; however, check out its list of ways to support firefighters and volunteers. 


Help those affected by donating to these charities to help provide community relief.


According to ecologists from the University of Sydney, half a billion animals will perish in the fires with the possibility of some facing extinction. This is nothing short of horrific. 

Other great initiatives 

From crowdfunding to offering a bed, see how you can also assist with these good causes.

Featured Image: QLD Fire and Emergency Services