Border Gate - Australia's State & Territories Border Travel Restrictions

Border Gate: Australia’s State & Territory Travel Restrictions

Play by play of Australia's state and territory travel restrictions.
Border Gate - Australia's State & Territories Border Travel Restrictions

Overview of state and territory border restrictions in Australia.

Border-gate is happening all over Australia and it’s not just Western Australia making news headlines. As you may have heard, Queensland made a pretty shock announcement earlier this week – that it would close its border to anyone travelling from the ACT and NSW from 1am on Saturday.

Why does this matter?

Well, for one, the reactions from the NSW Premier and ACT chief minister are extraordinary. Neither one had been told this would happen before the media reported it. Surprise.

For another thing, this rule will apply to anyone flying via Sydney or ACT. Even if you would just be in the airport for an hour or two, Queensland is not having you.

Let’s take a look at what each State and Territory doing border-wise.

Australia’s state and territories border restrictions.


As of 1am Saturday, no one will be allowed in from the ACT or NSW.

Of course, no one is coming in and out of Victoria, so the great Queensland also is taking no visitors from there. 

Returning Queenslanders will need to self-isolate for 14 days in a hotel if they choose to travel home after this time.

And the kicker? They’ll be needing to pay for that 14 day quarantine. 

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Victoria is in a full lockdown. People are not allowed to go beyond 5km of their residence, let alone leave the State unless for an extremely good reason.

Remember that episode of the Simpsons with the big glass dome? That’s where that is at, for the next two months.

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New South Wales


Premier Gladys Berejiklian has long hit out at States she says unnecessarily close their borders.

So you bet she’s been leading by example on this one, not closing NSW’s border to any State unless absolutely necessary… which it now is.

As of last month, NSW temporarily shut its border with Victoria to contain the spread of COVID-19. Anyone seeking to enter NSW from Victoria must now seek a NSW border entry permit.

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Australian Capital Territory

Because this Territory is basically surrounded by NSW, it can’t feasibly enforce restrictions. People live across the border and work in the ACT and vice versa.

But last week the State did announce some very strong advice for Canberrans not to go to NSW unless they had a very good reason.

While no exemptions are yet needed, it’s the first time even this caution has been put in place.

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South Australia

Good old SA has no problem with travellers from WA, or Tasmania, Queensland or the NT for that matter.

But anyone from the ACT or NSW will now be forced in 14 day quarantine on arrival and mandatory testing.

Like other States, SA has also upped the ante against Victoria.

From 12:01am on Wednesday July 29, just “essential travellers” (for example freight drivers) are able to enter SA from Victoria. 

Even South Australians in Victoria are unable to return to SA from Victoria.

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Northern Territory

Rather than blanket bans, the Northern Territory has restrictions only on travellers from hot spot areas, with interstate border restrictions lifted on July 17.

Everyone else is welcome to go up to the NT.

Of course, pretty much all of Victoria is now a hot spot, so by default there’s basically a ban against that State.

Parts of Sydney’s South West have also been declared hot spots, so residents with postcodes from those areas will now not be allowed into the NT.

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Remember that “us and them” proposal Tasmania put to the country?

You know the travel bubble including everyone but Vic toria, Queensland, NSW and (by default) the ACT?


Well, that’s been put on ice.

Tasmania’s borders were meant to be opened to WA, the NT and SA this Friday.

But now Premier Peter Gutwein decided to hold off on this, in light of the potential second wave stemming from the Victorian outbreak. 

Tasmania has kept itself cut off from the country since way back in March 19.

That’s right, we’re following Tassie’s lead on this one. 

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Western Australia

You know the drill. We’re a hair’s length away from succession. We’ve finally done it.

No one in or out.

Mark McGowan has even upped the ante on our own, hitting out at West Aussies who haven’t yet come back. 

All returning travellers from overseas need to undergo a mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine at their own expense and this includes West Australians.

“If you want to be in Western Australia you should’ve come home before now,” he said on ABC. 

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