Ryan Northover

Ryan Northover
Ryan is contributing editor of So Perth and co-founder of So Media Group.

#WADay Festivities for 2015

#WADay Festivities - What's on this weekend and how can you celebrate the greatest state in the world?

Perth Billionaires : Gina Rinehart Still Australia’s Richest Person

Perth Billionaires in Top 10 of Australia's Richest People. Perth's Gina Rinehart remains Australia's richest person, with an estimated wealth of $14.02 billion in 2015,...

Elizabeth Quay Coming to Life

Construction at the new Elizabeth Quay development is starting to look less like a big sandy hole in the ground and more like the...

Help, Police! Northbridge Perth Crime Visits Northbridge Massachusetts

Thanks to Google, callers witnessing and experiencing crime in Perth's Northbridge nightspot are inadvertently calling police in the city of Northbridge, Massachusetts with hilarious...

Derby XLI – Fremantle or West Coast ?

Derby XLI - Fremantle or West Coast? Who Will Win the 41st Western Derby?

Huge Fireball Lights Up Perth Sky

Video of apparent meteorite via Youtube: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-6r4knmxmY] Update: A user on Twitter, Sarah Brown, says she saw a meteorite burn up "just meters" before the...

Perth UFOs ? Commercial Pilots Report Strange Objects Over City

UFO over Perth - via Reddit   Perth, Western Australia - What is going on in the skies above Perth ?Two commercial pilots, in separate aircraft...

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Qantas Perth London Direct Flight Sale

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