July 16, 2019

Tess Palmyre

Educator and musician, turned content marketer and social media enthusiast. Tess is passionate about the arts, culture and education. She loves a good curry and can play 'The Simpsons' on saxophone in all 12 keys.
Perth Swing Dancers

#Perth Swings! Get Your Dancing Shoes On

What’s going on in Perth these days? Walk past the Mustang Bar in Northbridge after 7:30pm on a Friday night and you might think...

#CafeInTheBurbs: Everybody Loves Raymond’s

Raymond's Café in Tuart Hill is fast becoming a favourite weekend brunch spot amongst Perth locals.

#JazzinJuly: A (Long) Weekend Out in Perth

Instead of hibernating like many Perthites do this time of year, why not get your ‘Melbourne attitudes’ on and check out some of Perth...

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