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Be A Culinary Chef of Convenience: Why Ordering A Food Box Is The Most Genius Idea In Your Life Right Now

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No doubt that we live in a weird, murky time where the sight of seeing empty shelves and taking extra hygienic precaution in supermarkets is the new norm. I mean, if you are anything like me, I considered it stressful before, trolley dodging my way around a supermarket while trying to decide on what groceries to feast on – my version of The Hunger Games. I hoped that I would have a weekly epiphany with gastronomic meals planned. I could quickly locate what I needed without completing multiple laps like a Mario Kart course, and my shopping bags would miraculously fill up with quality food from local producers. 

If only.

Thankfully, all supermarket bag carrying sweats, pre and post shop sanitisation efforts and food planning can be a task of the past. Save the hassle and discover why a My Foodie Box delivery might be the most convenient and culinary genius idea in your life right now.

The ‘C’ word 

No, we aren’t talking about coronavirus here, we are talking about convenience.

Just the thought of getting a food box delivered to your home without the need to do any grocery shopping or any kind of meal planning sounds like a vacation from household chores – and all without putting yourself at risk with social distancing and contamination.

Simply choose from the line up of lip-smacking meals you want to devour for the week, whether it be for two people or a family, and have the food box sent to your doorstep. Save time, less hassle. Simple.

Supporting local producers

In a time where many of us can’t escape the State, it is good to know the fresh produce supplied in the food boxes hasn’t crossed any borders either. All produce, meat and fish are sourced locally from WA farmers. Fish is either responsibly farmed or sustainably caught. Knowing that your farm to table meal is supporting local farmers makes your freshly cooked feast taste that extra bit satisfying.

All boxes are packaged at My Foodie Boxes’s Bayswater warehouse meaning that food can get to your door in quick succession.

Up your kitchen game

Restaurants may be closed, but that does not mean your cravings for top-notch cuisines can’t be satisfied. It can – and this time, you get to wear the chef’s hat.

My Foodie Box allows you to select what culinary dishes you would like to perfect in your kitchen from a list of 12 tried and tested healthy meals each week. Each recipe is easy to follow, with nutritional values per serving highlighted so no shame for the over-indulgence! 

Choose to take your taste buds on an adventure around the world with preparing miso-glazed chicken one night followed by beef souvlaki with Mediterranean vegetables the next. Vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets are catered for too, making the selection process for meals one without fuss. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Take a look: My Foodie Box Menu

Healthy food tastes so good

When you get an in-house dietician and chef collaborating to create good food, you know you are in for a treat for the mind, body and soul. Thank you wholesome heroes!

All meals include fresh ingredients, with no added fat, sugar or salt listed in any ingredients. Forgo the measuring cups and spoons as ingredients are pre-portioned to keep energy and calorie intake under control. To eat healthily has never been easier – or tastier.

Eco-friendly packaging

It is shameful to see how much wasteful packaging there is out there on food items. But in a My Foodie Box world, ain’t nothing going to landfill. All packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable, with used food boxes picked up from customers when the next one is delivered.

As ingredients are portioned, there is no food waste at home or in the warehouse. And for these savvy initiatives, we are grateful and sure Mother Nature would be too.

Treat yourself to a My Foodie Box

So Perth readers can be treated to $20 off on their first order. Use the code AUTUMN20 for a $20 discount on your first box. Enjoy!

Explore the menu and order today myfoodiebox.com.au.

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