Want to catch the beauty of the Skyworks but don’t want to head into the city?

While being in the city and up close to the action is the best experience, there is a place not far from the city that provides a truly unique and amazing experience.

Lake Monger, Wembley is a perfect place to take in the Perth Australia Day fireworks from not so far away.

Lake Monger

Lake Monger on the hill

Take in the fireworks from the hill at Lake Monger providing you with near perfect views across the lake of the city skyline.


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Near Lake Monger Primary School

You can also try the park area on the north end of the lake, near Lake Monger Primary School.

While you won’t see all the fireworks show, you will be able to see the majority of the show, especially if the weather stays clear for the night.

Lake Monger area is family friendly with nearby playground and open grass areas perfect for a picnic and sports.

Be mindful that Lake Monger is surrounded by a residential area, so please behave and be mindful of your surroundings.

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