Bon Appetit: The Crêperie in Shafto Lane Perth's First Traditional French Crêperie

The Crêperie is the first traditional French crêperie in Perth.

Many Australians only experience of crêpes would be buying a sweet crêpe from a stall when on holiday in Paris. What they may not know is that bricks and mortar crêperie restaurants across France are a cornerstone of French communities.

Husband and wife team Arno Couvreur and Julie Dutertre opened The Crêperie in Shafto Lane to provide West Australians with authentic French cuisine and culture. Before leaving France Mr Couvreur worked as the Sous Chef and Hospitality Manager at Michelin starred restaurant Auberge Du Paradis. The Crêperie’s mission is to create a restaurant and bar French people are drawn back to for a taste and feeling of home, and where Australians can enjoy a true French experience.

Crêpes (pronounced with a hard e “-ep”, not “-ape”) are not just the market stall takeaway sweet treat you remember from your European holidays. French crêperies are two course menu restaurants, where diners usually order a savoury crêpe known as a galette for a main, and a sweet crêpe for dessert.

Galettes and crêpes originate in Brittany, Western France, which is where Julie and Arno have spent most of their lives. Traditionally, not much grew on the Breton moors, but when buckwheat arrived in the 12th century it flourished. The Bretons made the most of this fiber-rich, high-protein grain, grinding it down and combining it with water and a touch of salt to create a batter, and the galette was born. According to legend, the Breton crêpe originated with the clumsiness of a farmer’s wife, who spilt some buckwheat porridge onto a very hot, flat stone lying in the fireplace. Buckwheat flour is naturally gluten free, so the whole of The Crêperie’s menu can be made gluten free upon request.

The Crêperie’s Menu

Traditionally galettes and crêpes are served with French cider, which is slightly alcoholic and fizzy. Though many Australians will be familiar with French wine, French cider will be a new introduction. Mr Couvreur explains “It’s much drier than the English or Australian cider, and less sweet. The fermentation method is different, French cider is often aged in wood casks, like Calvados (apple brandy) casks, which gives it this terroir strong flavour you don’t have in Australian cider, and pairs perfectly with the earthy taste of the buckwheat galettes.”

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The Crêperie boasts a handpicked wine list of the owner’s top choices of French and Australian wines and cider, including several champagnes and natural wines. It was important that the wine menu reflected the same handcrafted ethos as the food menu. The venue also possesses a bar license, so patrons can drop in and taste a range of French and Australian wines and ciders without having to order a meal.

Mr Couvreur and Ms Dutertre look forward to sharing their French cuisine with the people of Perth.

The Crêperie’s Information

Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 11.30am – 2.00pm / 4:30pm – 9:30pm
  • Saturday: 11:00am – 10.00pm

The Crêperie is located in the heart of Perth CBD
Shafto Lane, between Hay St (872-884) and Murray St, Perth City

08 6277 0462

For more information visit thecreperie.com.au.

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