Time for my favourite film festival, the British Film Festival. While I wish I had time to see them all I know that’s simply not possible, so here are my top four tips for this year.

First up the media preview movie, My Generation which I was lucky enough to see.

My Generation

London in the 60’s who wouldn’t want to revisit that? Especially through the watchful eyes of the legendary Michael Caine. Caine takes us on a magical mystery tour of some of his favourite places and memories, including how he got his name. Along the way other legends such as Roger Daltrey, Paul McCartney, Twiggy, Joan Collins and David Bailey chat about their recollections. It’s fascinating watching archival footage and then hearing the real story about what was going on. Stories like a certain concert by The Who which shows the band frantically playing away while lead singer Roger Daltrey wanders the stage. The story behind the footage was that Daltrey, who was not under the influence of ‘certain substances’, could not sing at the same frenetic pace set by the band member who were off their face. The movie is a fascinating eye opener.

Michael Caine

Swimming With Men

I’ve been dying to see this feel good comedy from the moment I heard about it. With a cast including Rob Brydon, Charlotte Riley, Jane Horrocks, Jim Carter, Rupert Graves, Nathaniel  Parker and Adeel Akhtar how can you go wrong,right? From what I can tell the story has echoes of The Full Monty, with Eric (Rob Brydon) facing a crumbling marriage and a midlife crisis. All of which changes when he meets a group of middle-aged men at the local community pool.

Under the  guidance of coach (Charlotte Riley) the men soon realize they may have a chance at  winning the Unofficial Male Synch-Swimming World Championship?

 Red Joan

Red Joan is based on the true story of Joan Stanley, a long-serving spy for the KGB, and one of the most influential spies in living history. After the war she worked in a top secret nuclear facility where she is faced with betraying her country and family to save them all. If that’s not enough add in Dame Judi Dench and Tom Hughes. Need I say more?

King of Thieves

Perhaps some of you remember the 2015 Hatton Garden jewellery heist carried out by a gang of tough retirees. The true story of the biggest robbery in UK history is played out by Michael Caine and Michael Gambon. If that’s not enough throw in Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone and Francessa Annis.

Two other films of interest are: Yardie and The Children Act.

This year also includes a Michael Caine tribute. Along with the two movie mentioned above, there’s also The Italian Job and Alfie.

For more information go to Luna Cinema  or Palace Cinema. The festival runs from October 25th to November 14th.

Glennys Marsdon
Most kids grow out of asking ‘but why’, Glennys didn’t. So she trained as a psychologist and established The Customers’ Voice, consumer psychology consultancy in 2000, where she researches why we do what we do. After losing her partner in 2005 she understood the importance of making the most out of life, and began The Ponder Room blog, to help people do just that. By ‘having a go’ she now has a monthly column in a magazine, three non-fiction books published, been nominated for a Telstra Business Women’s Award, and profiled by US internet guru Seth Godin in a worldwide competition about people making a difference. She firmly believes in living a positive life and following your passion.