Brunch Battle North v South: Where To Go For The Best Brunch In Perth

If you are looking for the perfect brunch spot we have you covered for north or south of the river.

Whether the weather is shining brightly or cold and wet brunch is always a good option. Be it a quick bite pre-work during the week, or a lazy leisurely meal on the weekend, brunch is a guaranteed good time.

To help you decide on the best brunch spot have a read throughout North and South brunch guides.

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Have fun ticking them all off!

South of Perth

best brunch south of Perth

We’ve put together a list of our top picks for the Perth Southies, and those willing to drive for guaranteed deliciousness.

  • Good Things Cafe
  • May Street Larder
  • The Tribute Coffee and Kitchen
  • Laika Coffee
  • Hampton and Maley
  • Timber
  • Fika on Brix
  • Ari & Esmay
  • Duck Duck Bruce
  • Frisch and Barc
  • Vans Cafe

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North of Perth

best brunch north of Perth
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Here’s our list for the Northies out there – you can have your eggs with a side of yum!

  • Someday Coffee Co
  • Odyssea
  • Boucla
  • Pixel Coffee Brewers
  • Flora & Fauna
  • Paper Avenue Cafe
  • Little H
  • Mary Street Bakery
  • Chinta Cafe
  • West End Deli
  • Satchmo

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