Building For Tomorrow: Latest Update On Perth & Surrounds Road & Rail Upgrades

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Perth’s transport infrastructure is moving forward – here are the latest updates as we continue building for tomorrow.

No doubt you have noticed there are a number of stop signs, orange markers, roadworks ahead and road closed signs around Perth. These works are part of improving your commute; whether its road, rail or bike as Perth continues to evolve.

Since we covered the last round of Building For Tomorrow projects in September of 2020, there have been a number of projects completed (or nearing completion) and a number of new projects started.

High Street Upgrades

Those travelling to and from Fremantle on High Street know this upgrade will greatly improve traffic flow in and out of the area.

The upgrading of High Street from Stirling Highway to Carrington Street is well underway and set to be completed later this year.

The upgrades will improve safety and traffic flow, with the construction of a new roundabout at the intersection of High Street and Stirling Highway, partnered with the widening of the median on High Street.

These changes will allow for a more efficient route for road users, including heavy vehicles, travelling to and from Fremantle.

Learn more: High Street Upgrades

Victoria Street Station to North Fremantle Station Shared Path 

It’s not just road and rail getting all the attention as part of the Building For Tomorrow projects. With the abundance of sunshine and blue skies in Perth it would be an oversight not to improve our cycle and walking pathways as well.

The Fremantle Principal Shared Path from Victoria Street Station to North Fremantle Station, is just part of the 150 kilometres of path being added to our cycling network, and is estimated to be completed in late-2021.

This path will not only take advantage of the beach views and the fresh air from the sea – but once complete, will improve shared path connectivity from the Perth CBD all the way to North Fremantle.

Learn more: Victoria Street Station to North Fremantle Station Principal Shared Path


Yanchep Rail Extension

The last proposed section of the Joondalup line, the 14.5km rail extension, will connect the northern seaside hotspot to the main north rail line as Butler becomes a ‘through’ station.


More than 15,000 residents will have their journey time reduced by catching the train into the city. Travelling north, it will allow countless residents in Perth and surrounds an easy pathway to Yanchep to explore the coastal town and take advantage of the stunning beaches.

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Morley Ellenbrook Line

Those who are currently travelling on the Midland line and through the Bayswater Station will have noticed the start of the long-awaited Morley-Ellenbrook line project as Bayswater becomes a four-platform station. 

Approximately 21km of new rail line will be constructed for the Morley-Ellenbrook Line, travelling from Ellenbrook down the western side of Drumpellier Drive, through land north of Marshall Road and down the middle of Tonkin Highway, connecting at Bayswater Station.

Stations will be built in Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley, with a station planned at Bennett Springs East as development progresses in the area.

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Forrestfield-Airport Link

When will Perth and the Airport be connected? The  $1.86 billion Forrestfield-Airport Link is scheduled to open in the first half of 2022.

Once operational, the line will make access to Perth Airport easy and more affordable for locals and visitors alike.


The Airport Line will spur off the existing Midland Line near Bayswater Station and run to High Wycombe through twin-bored tunnels travelling under the Swan River and Perth Airport.

Hopping off a flight and being able to catch a train not only to the CBD but to many of Perth’s tourism hotspots across the rail network is an important evolution for our city. Alternatively, Perth travellers won’t need to rely on family or friends for a lift to the airport when a trip to the nearest train station might just become the norm.

Learn more: Forrestfield-Airport Link

So while the delays now may cause some frustration, every construction sign you see is a sign of great things to come.

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