Canning Vale Quokka – How did a Setonix brachyurus end up at a suburban Perth rubbish depot?

Somehow, a Quokka has managed to escape Rottnest Island by boat and is now scampering somewhere around the Canning Vale area.

Perth suburbanites are now being asked to be on the lookout for an adult quokka roaming the streets – who we call ‘The Canning Vale Quokka’ for the purposes of this story.

The fugitive Canning Vale Quokka may have arrived at the local rubbish depot earlier in January, Denise Cahill reported in her story for the Community News.

The report suggests a worker (who clearly isn’t from around these here parts or is either playing a prank?) identified a “giant rat” while working alone at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre and took a photo on their smartphone.

It’s deduced that perhaps the Canning Vale Quokka arrived after entering a Rottnest Island authority rubbish bin and was thus inadvertently removed from the Island by barge.

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Presumably, the photo taken by the depot worker was shown to colleagues who identified the ‘big rat’ as a local marsupial known to live on the Island of Rottnest.

Of course, as the historical story goes, the Island was first seen by Europeans in 1696, when Willem de Vlamingh stopped by and named the island “Rats’ Nest” before the evolution of the name to Rotto.

The RRRC authorities said they were now working with the Western Australian government Department of Parks and Wildlife to find and relocate the Canning Vale Quokka to a wildlife park or maybe even the Perth Zoo.

Let’s hope little Canning Vale Q is found safe and sound soon. If Mr CVQ indeed exists at all…

Seen the Quokka? Call DPaW Wildcare Unit Helpline on (08) 9474 9055.