Movies To Watch After CoVid19 Once Life Returns To Normal

Three movies to see once life returns to normal. Guns Akimbo, Greed and The Assistant.

Movie Review: Military Wives

If you liked The Full Monty and movie based on true stories of communities rallying together to overcome adversity, you’ll want to check out...

Movie Review: The King

Let me be clear from the outset, this genre doesn't usually grab me so it was an absolute surprise how much I loved this...

Movie Review: Joker

After years of stealing the Dark Knight’s thunder The Joker finally takes center stage in this gritty, simmering origin story from director...

Movie Review: Late Night

Late Night, the movie is a refreshing, thought-provoking, funny, well acted movie that is very relevant in the current time and should...

Movie Review: Booksmarts

With a fist full of post-June 30 deadlines in front of me I hoped the movie Booksmart would provide some sense of...

CinefestOZ : $100K Film Prize Finalists Revealed

CinefestOZ is a major film festival held annually in the Margaret River Region. The finalists for Australia's richest film...

Movie Review: Parasite Award Winning Movie

It's not often I give a movie five stars and I'm probably as surprised as you are that it's for a subtitled...

Under The Silver Lake: Movie Review

Any movie that offers a Hitchcock-like mood has me intrigued. Under The Silver Lake is one such movie, but does it pull...

Top Six Picks for the 30th German Film Festival

Top six picks for the 30th German Film Festival plus a review of audience favourite 25 Km/hr.

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