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Astronomers Have Taken First Ever Image Of A Black Hole

Black Hole Photo

Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy.

Facebook Down – Cyber Attack on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger

Facebooks cyberattack: The Facebook family of apps under massive cyberattack. The social network is down March 13/14 2019z Facebook apps and websites are currently down world-wide. Yes hundreds of millions of social media addicts are currently freaking out as one of the biggest outages in social media history...

78 Records Closing Down – Perth’s Iconic Music Record Store

A Perth icon for decades, 78 Records is shutting down. After 47-years selling vinyl, EPS and CDs to the people of Perth, 78 Records in the Perth CBD is closing it’s doors. In an Instagram post, 78 Records announced that March 3rd will be their final day of trade.

Perth Bushfire Warning

There’s a Bushfire Emergency unfolding in the northern suburbs. There is a threat to lives and homes in the City of Wanneroo, in the suburb of Jandabup. Bushfire Emergency Warning - on or near Franklin Road to the west, Trichet Road to the south, Rousset Road and Townsend Road to the...

Perth Weather: 40C Weekend Heatwave

Perth Weather this weekend is extremely dangerous, authorities warn. The Perth weather is so extreme this weekend, the government has shut down picnic spots in some areas, with Water Corp closing public areas around Perth dams. There is also a 'very high' chance of fires in...

Perth Heatwave: 40C Coming This Weekend

Are you ready for a Perth scorcher? Perth will hit temperatures of 40C + this weekend, as a massive heat waves moves across Australia. Sunday Perth is forecast to top 40C and Saturday 38C, with many parts of the city and regional WA set to exceed the tops.

Christmas Meteor Shower – Germinids Event is here

Christmas Meteor Shower - Germinids Event is here The Christmas meteor shower, the Geminids, are THE meteor shower to see in the southern hemisphere. Instead of getting at best 10 to 30 meteors per hour like most meteor showers, you'll get to see anywhere from 100 to 120 meteors per hour with the Geminids. The Geminids which were first discovered in 1862...

Nova 937 Fire: Blaze at Subiaco Buidling

Nova 937 Fire: Perth Radio Station Shows Off Air this morning  Photo credit: ABC Perth James Carmody There has been a fire at a Subiaco office building home to Nova 937 and other businesses. The Subi buidling fire appears to gave knocked Nova 937s Morning Show, Nathan, Nat and Shaun off the air this morning. The FM morning show is one of Perth’s...

How To Watch Mars InSight Landing Live In Australia

How to watch the watch Mars InSight Landing live in Australia - There are 6 streaming options to ensure you don't miss any of the action.

Watch Live Mars InSight Landing On Mars

Mars InSight is set to land on November 26. Full details on how to watch the Mars InSight Landing live online.

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Rare Diamond Unearthed north of Perth

A rare and extraordinary diamond has been unearthed in the east Kimberly. The stunning Argyle Octavia diamond

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