Wider Community Coronavirus Testing In Perth Starts Today

Anyone in WA showing signs of a fever (38C or above) and acute respiratory infection (shortness of breath, cough, sore throat) can be tested

Coronavirus Advice: What Is Social Distancing? And How Do I Do It?

You've heard people use the phrase "Social Distancing" but what does it actually mean? And how do you do it?

Coronavirus Isolation: What Does It Mean To Go Into Isolation?

Coronavirus isolation or home isolation is another phrase we've been hearing a lot, but what does it mean exactly?

Perth, Spread Advice, Not Coronavirus – A Note From The Premier

Premier Mark McGown shares Coronavirus prevention message.

PSA: Coronavirus Text Message Scam Now Targeting Australians

Australians are been warned by ASD’s Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to watch out for the following Coronavirus scam message that has recently been doing the rounds.

Joe Rogan & Michael Osterholm: Must Watch Coronavirus Video

Joe Rogan interviews Michael Osterholm an expert in infectious disease epidemiology. Straight off the bat Michael Osterholm introducing...

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