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SA Comes Out Of Lockdown After Positive Case “Selfishly” Lied

The State’s planned six-day lockdown has come to an abrupt end.

South Australia COVID-19 Update
South Australia COVID-19 Update: Full State Lockdown From Midnight Tonight

Less than a week after its first community case in six months, South Australia goes into six-day lockdown.

South Australia COVID 19
South Australian COVID-19 Community Cluster Balloons To 17 Cases

Case numbers quadruple in just one day. The South Australian outbreak has significantly increase to…

Perth COVID-19 Update
Australia Gears Up For COVID-19 Vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech revealing today their vaccine was more than 90 per cent effective.

qantas flight to nowhere
Federal Government Signals Flight Cap To Be Increased By 500 A Week In WA

“I want to raise that (the flight cap) to 6,000.”

Scott Morrison COVID-19 Update
Australia Borders Update: All States Except WA Plan To Open Borders By Christmas

WA could be the only state not to open borders by Christmas as part of…

Coronavirus Australia International Travel Update
Australia’s Overseas Travel Ban Extended For 3 Months

The emergency period will now be extended until at least December 17.

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Australian COVID-19 Vaccine Seeing Success

“The protection we saw after a single dose was better than we expected.”

Queensland COVID-19 Update
Queensland COVID-19 Cluster Sparks Concern

10 COVID-19 cases now linked with the youth detention centre outbreak.

Scott Morrison COVID-19 Update
Scott Morrison Backs Down Over WA Border

Update from PM Scott Morrison after today’s National Cabinet meeting.