Perth COVID 19 Update
Perth COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 case Recorded On Cargo Ship AquaGenie

Cargo ship AquaGenie records COVID-19 case off the coast of Karratha.

Optus Stadium
Capacity Crowds Are Back At Optus Stadium

In the latest of Perth COVID-19 restrictions being eased, capacity crowds will now be allowed at Optus Stadium.

WA Border Dropped - Australia Becomes One Again
Australia To Become One Again With Last WA Border Restriction To Be Lifted

Australia is on track to become one again on Monday for the first time in nearly a year.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
Perth COVID-19 Update: Restrictions Ease & VIC Border To Open

As of Monday 15th of March further COVID-19 restrictions will be eased.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
WA Border Update: NSW Travel Restrictions Eased While VIC Sees A 72 Hour Hard Border

An update on WA Border restrictions with New South Wales and Victoria has been provided by Mark McGowan as part of his latest Perth COVID-19 update.

Perth COVID-19 Update: Perth Restrictions Lifted As Masks Are Gone

Premier Mark McGowan in the latest Perth COVID-19 update has confirmed masks are gone. Western…

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
Perth Lockdown Is Over – Perth & Reel Region To Face Some On-going Restrictions

The count down is now on for Perth, Peel and Southwest to come out of the 5-day lockdown.

Perth COVID 19 Update
Perth Lockdown Update: Mark McGowan To Address The Media At 1130

Mark McGowan will address the media at 1130 this morning on the status of Perth’s lockdown.

Mark McGowan - Perth COVID-19 Update
Perth Post-Lockdown Roadmap: Everything You Need To Know

Mark McGowan has just announced Perth’s post-lockdown roadmap.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
Perth Lockdown Day 4 Recap: No New Cases, Post-Lockdown Plan Announcement Tonight

Recap of Perth COVID-19 news from Perth Lockdown Day 4.