Christmas Meteor Shower – Germinids Event is here

Christmas Meteor Shower - Germinids Event is here The Christmas meteor shower, the Geminids, are THE meteor shower to see in the southern hemisphere. Instead of getting at best 10 to 30 meteors per hour like most meteor showers, you'll get to see anywhere from 100 to 120 meteors per hour with the Geminids. The Geminids which were first discovered in 1862...

Christmas Comet : One of the Closest Encounters in 1,100-Years Coming

Christmas Comet to make a very close encounter to Earth

Perth Japan Direct Flights On The Way

Perth Japan Direct Flights Coming Come April, you could be on a non-stop to Tokyo, with All Nippon Airways saying they're planning Perth Japan direct services. You might even make it in time for the annual cherry blossom season. View this post on Instagram ...

Knickers the Cow Really a Cow at All?

Knickers the cow questions - Media debate merits of our new hero "First, they notice you, then they idolise you and finally they try to tear you down," the Bell Tower Timez tweeted. How true. Yes, the Kickers the Cow international media phenomenon continues. Now prestigious Jeff Benzos owned The Washington Post has fired off a controversial story, weighing in on...

Giant Cow : Knickers the Massive Cow is an Internet Star

Giant Cow in Western Australia - The Internet is going crazy for this huge bovine beast A giant cow (technically a steer) named Knickers, living in a farm near Myalup in the South-West, has become a global media sensation. Possibly the worlds biggest living cow, Knickers measures 194cm in height and weighs 1.4 ton. The giant cow is one of the world's...

National Geographic Names Perth in Top Place to Travel List 2019

National Geographic Names Perth in Top Place to Travel List in 2019 The secret about Perth is out.... National Geographic magazine has this week named Perth as one of its must see, most exciting spots to travel to in 2019. Perth is in the company of cities like Toronto, Mexico City, Matera in Italy as well as Kansas City in the US. The...

How To Watch Mars InSight Landing Live In Australia

How to watch the watch Mars InSight Landing live in Australia - There are 6 streaming options to ensure you don't miss any of the action.

Watch Live Mars InSight Landing On Mars

Mars InSight is set to land on November 26. Full details on how to watch the Mars InSight Landing live online.

Melbourne Cup 2018 Race – Everything You Need to Know – Tips, Streams, Live

Melbourne Cup 2018 Race - Everything You Need to Know - Tips, Streams, Live This is the big one. The eyes of the entire nation and millions of racing fans around the world will be on the Melbourne Cup 2018 Race. In 2018, it's a big field of possibilities. Here's everything you need to know about the 2018 Melbourne Cup. Who Will Win...

Titanic II: Titanic Replica Will Set Sail In 2022

Titanic II - A Chinese-built replica of the Titanic will set sail in 2022.

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