Astronomers Have Taken First Ever Image Of A Black Hole

Black Hole Photo

Astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole, which is located in a distant galaxy.

Perth Europe Flights: $309 one-way from Perth to Athens

There's a crazy cheap deal that'll get you Perth to Europe for $309. Scoot has a deal on right now for a return trip to Greece for $700 return. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The Perth-Athens flights are dirt cheap, however, there...

Super worm equinox Moon event: Biggest Supermoon of 2019

The largest and last supermoon event of 2019. A rare "super worm equinox moon" will be visible tonight in the Southern Hemisphere. Tonight's event is the largest and last supermoon event of 2019. The supermoon, the Super Worm Moon, lights up the skies from around 8PM...

Chris Hemsworth Generates $195M Ad Exposure for Western Australia

Chris Hemsworth at Rottnest. Thor's recent trip to Western Australia and the overall exposure for Tourism industry in Australia is worth around $195,000,000 according to one analysis. Although the Quokka Selfie part of the Hemsworth trip is priceless, the dollar value for Western Australia and the nation at large is hard...

Facebook Down – Cyber Attack on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger

Facebooks cyberattack: The Facebook family of apps under massive cyberattack. The social network is down March 13/14 2019z Facebook apps and websites are currently down world-wide. Yes hundreds of millions of social media addicts are currently freaking out as one of the biggest outages in social media history...

Perth Tourism Stuff Up : East Coasters Forget Sun Sets Over the Indian Ocean in WA

A new Federal government ad encouraging tourism in Australia has completely stuffed up where the sun sets and rises in Perth. The image in question appears to be from 2015 or 2016, before much of the current architecture at Elizabeth Quay had begun construction. The photograph also comes with the caption,...

Dragon Aurora Photograph

A Perth student has captured an amazing, and kind of freaky image while on holidays in the northern hemisphere. Jingyi Zhang from Curtin Uni, captured this image of the Northern Lights above Iceland ?? in the shape of a dragon....? Zhang’s image was shared by NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the...

Perth Beaches Best in Australia

It’s confirmed. What West Aussies have long known is now offical. Perth and Western Australian beaches are the best in Australia. A national poll by the Guardian Australia saw Cottesloe Beach take top metropolitan beach, overwhelmingly defeating overated and overpopulated beaches on the east coast.

Perth Mint Simpsons Coins

“Money can be exchanged for goods and services!” - Homer Simpson. The famous Perth Mint is releasing a special Simpsons collectors range. The Simpsons coin series, featuring characters from the television show in eight 1oz coins and a 2oz coin struck from 99.99 per cent pure silver.

Look Up: List of 2019 Astronomical Events

Meteors from the Eta Aquarids

2019 is going to be quite the year for astronomical events! 2018 had some amazing astronomical events with the two total lunar eclipses seen from Perth, three partial solar eclipses and a number of meteor showers getting lucky with the weather and having clear skies on their peak nights. 2019 promises...

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Democracy Sausage 2019 Campaign Is Now Live

Australia is heading to the polls on Saturday 18th May, triggering National Democracy Sausage Day 2019. Federal Election triggers...

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