Perth Beaches Best in Australia

It’s confirmed. What West Aussies have long known is now offical. Perth and Western Australian beaches are the best in Australia. A national poll by the Guardian Australia saw Cottesloe Beach take top metropolitan beach, overwhelmingly defeating overated and overpopulated beaches on the east coast.

Look Up: List of 2019 Astronomical Events

Meteors from the Eta Aquarids

2019 is going to be quite the year for astronomical events! 2018 had some amazing astronomical events with the two total lunar eclipses seen from Perth, three partial solar eclipses and a number of meteor showers getting lucky with the weather and having clear skies on their peak nights. 2019 promises...

Christmas Comet : One of the Closest Encounters in 1,100-Years Coming

Christmas Comet to make a very close encounter to Earth

Knickers the Cow Really a Cow at All?

Knickers the cow questions - Media debate merits of our new hero "First, they notice you, then they idolise you and finally they try to tear you down," the Bell Tower Timez tweeted. How true. Yes, the Kickers the Cow international media phenomenon continues. Now prestigious Jeff Benzos owned The Washington Post has fired off a controversial story, weighing in on...

National Geographic Names Perth in Top Place to Travel List 2019

National Geographic Names Perth in Top Place to Travel List in 2019 The secret about Perth is out.... National Geographic magazine has this week named Perth as one of its must see, most exciting spots to travel to in 2019. Perth is in the company of cities like Toronto, Mexico City, Matera in Italy as well as Kansas City in the US. The...

Perth to London Direct Virgin Flights: Richard Branson Wants In With Virgin Airlines

Perth to London Virigin Airline - Richard Branson says he wants in on the current Qantas monopoly of Australia UK direct flights.

Live : Mars Earth Approach – Closest Since 2013

Watch Live: Mars Earth Closest for 15-years [youtube] Mars and Earth will be the closest together since August 2013, and Perth stargazers will have some of the best views on Earth. Our red planet neighbour has been visible and prominent in the sky over our fair city for several days now, with tonight being the best and brightest. Mars is approximately...

Blood Moon Live : Video Stream of Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century

Blood Moon Live : Video Stream of Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century What a time to be alive. The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century is taking place live across the globe right now, Blood Moon Live video streaming in this article below.  Blood Moon Live The July 28th 2018 Blood Moon will be visible in large parts of Australia,...

Live Video: Chelsea FC Perth Glory – Watch Live Stream

Live Video: Watch the live stream of Chelsea FC v Perth Glory from Optus Stadium in Perth Watch the live stream of Chelsea FC Perth Glory from Perth Stadium Monday 23 July 2018. Watch Live: @PerthGloryFC v @ChelseaFC— Tweet Perth (@tweetperth) July 23, 2018 The new Optus Stadium is looking amazing tonight, with the LED lights glowing blue to...

Lithium Valley Perth: Battery Metals Set to Spark New Mining Boom

Lithium Valley Perth: A New Mining Boom Coming? Welcome to Lithium Valley, Perth, Western Australia... the world's centre of battery metal mining and manufacturing excellence.... Well, that's the dream, at least. Story: A coming surge in demand for battery metals and products could spark a new mining and manufacturing boom for Western Australia. It's a prospect that could be worth $56...

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