Latest Perth COVID-19 Update
Perth COVID-19 Weekend Recap: Bye Bye Masks, 0 New Cases & 5 Active Cases Remain

Latest Perth COVID-19 update from the weekend with no new cases recorded.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
WA Border Update: NSW Travel Restrictions Eased While VIC Sees A 72 Hour Hard Border

An update on WA Border restrictions with New South Wales and Victoria has been provided by Mark McGowan as part of his latest Perth COVID-19 update.

Perth COVID-19 Update: Perth Restrictions Lifted As Masks Are Gone

Premier Mark McGowan in the latest Perth COVID-19 update has confirmed masks are gone. Western…

So Media Group Webinar - Birchal
Meet The Team: So Media Group Crowdfunding Webinar

So Media Group crowdfunding webinar with Birchal discussing So Perth and So Media Group origin story, current company position and goals for 2021.

Australia COVID-19 Vaccine - Certificate
Proof Of Vaccination Certificates To Be Available For Australians

Digital records of COVID-19 vaccinations are now live and will be critical to international travel opening back up.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
Perth Lockdown Is Over – Perth & Reel Region To Face Some On-going Restrictions

The count down is now on for Perth, Peel and Southwest to come out of the 5-day lockdown.

Perth COVID 19 Update
Perth Lockdown Update: Mark McGowan To Address The Media At 1130

Mark McGowan will address the media at 1130 this morning on the status of Perth’s lockdown.

Mark McGowan - Perth COVID-19 Update
Perth Post-Lockdown Roadmap: Everything You Need To Know

Mark McGowan has just announced Perth’s post-lockdown roadmap.

Perth COVID-19 Update - Mark McGowan
Perth Lockdown Day 4 Recap: No New Cases, Post-Lockdown Plan Announcement Tonight

Recap of Perth COVID-19 news from Perth Lockdown Day 4.

Quizzes for WA - Powered By Pentanet
Quizzes For WA: Test Your Knowledge & Win

Not only pass the time with our quizzes during lockdown but win prizes doing so thanks to Pentanet.