Does Perth care about #Origin?

It's one of Australia's biggest sporting events - but does Perth/WA actually care about #Origin? We took to Twitter to see what the people of Perth had to say

Elizabeth Quay Coming to Life

Construction at the new Elizabeth Quay development is starting to look less like a big sandy hole in the ground and more like the 'artists impression' version. Time-lapse from yesterday's bridge arch lift at #ElizabethQuay. #perth #perthnews — Tweet Perth (@tweetperth) May 29, 2015 // Below: A Tweet from Adam Astro on Monday, May 18, 2015 shows the action at Elizabeth Quay. It appears...

Perth Billionaires : Gina Rinehart Still Australia’s Richest Person

Perth Billionaires in Top 10 of Australia's Richest People. Perth's Gina Rinehart remains Australia's richest person, with an estimated wealth of $14.02 billion in 2015, according to the latest BRW Rich List. That's despite Gina's wealth tumbling some $6 billion from 2014 thanks to lower iron ore prices. She's down $6b - and now she's lost control of the family trust - but Gina...

WA Police Public Service Announcement Goes Viral

It is great so see that our local police have our backs when suspicious packages arise in our community and warn us of the potential harm.

Perth’s Longest Lunch in support of Brightwater was an electrifying success

Having promised to redefine the networking experience, Perth’s Longest Lunch did just that while raising $300,000 for Brightwater

What does Perth have to say about #MayweatherPacquiao?

What did Perth have to say about the fight of the century? Collection of top #MayweatherPacquiao Perth tweets

Jurassic World Review: What does Perth have to say?

What does Perth have to say about Jurassic World? We review Jurassic World with a collection of Perth tweets for you. Join the conversation #JurassicWorld

Huge Fireball Lights Up Perth Sky

Video of apparent meteorite via Youtube: [youtube] Update: A user on Twitter, Sarah Brown, says she saw a meteorite burn up "just meters" before the ground near the Cottesloe Golf Course. Sarah said she saw a "streamer of bright white blue light with a round rainbow coloured head" around 9.30am. The same time hundreds, if not thousands of other people, saw...

The Twitter Derby: #AFLEaglesFreo

We the recap of the Western Derby through by analysing #AFLEaglesFreo Twitter activity

Australia Twitter Statistics: Study reveals 2.8m Australian Twitter accounts

Indepth Australian Twitter statistics 2014, providing insight into Australia's Twitter usage

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