Tweet Perth Weekly Hashtag: #worstgift

This week we would love to know what is the worst gift you ever received. Tweet at us using #worstgift. Let's bring some more fun and excitement to Twitter in Perth!

‘Catch ‘Em All’ in WA – Where to Find Rare Pokémon in Western Australia

Can You 'Catch 'Em All'? Where to Find Pokémon in Western Australia In just a few weeks, Pokémon GO has become one of the greatest crazes in recent history. However, to become the ultimate Pokémon Master, you’ll have to travel far-and-wide. To help you get there, I’ve created the ultimate Pokémon Go travel guide – you’ll get to catch ‘em all and...

See You In Europe: Return Perth To Europe Flights For $600

cheap flights perth to europe

Scoot have release discount flights from Perth to Europe. That's right forget Bali when you can make your way to Europe for $299 one way or $600 return.

Maylands Microbrewery Opening – Boutique Beer Establishment Approved

Maylands Microbrewery Opening - Boutique Beer Establishment Approved Maylands Microbrewery : Rejoice Perth beer lovers, Australia's home of boutique beer, yes this humble city of ours, will be welcoming yet another beautiful Microbrewery very soon. The City of Bayswater have approved an application for a new establishment, by newly formed, The Seasonal Brewing Company. The new kid on the beer block in...

Will Freeway Merge Lines Help Ease Perth Traffic?

Will new freeway merge marking lines help ease Perth traffic? A fix to Perth's famous merging issue is here, thanks to millions of dollars worth of new paint. The WA government will spend $8.5 million to upgrade and paint more line markings on our roads in a new effort to ease Perth traffic congestion. From a statement sent to Perth media last...

International Space Station to Fly Over Perth Tonight – Bright Pass Expected

Space Nerd Alert: Very Bright Pass of International Space Station over Perth Tonight (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); International Space Station : A very bright International Space Station will pass over Perth at 7.25pm tonight. "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet," the late Prof Stephen Hawking once said, well we...

Merredin Australia’s Biggest Sausage Fest : Town East of Perth Has Australia’s Highest Young Single Males to Female Ratio

Merredin Australia's Biggest Sausage Fest - Wheatbelt town has worst male to female singles ration Merredin sausage party: For single blokes, the wheatbelt town of Merredin is home to the worst single male to female ratio in Australia. In the town, there are nearly 400 single men for every 100 single women in early 20's demographic. According to celebrity Demographer Bernard Salt,...

Chris Rock Surprise at The Charles Hotel

Chris Rock drops in on The Charles Hotel for surprise gig!

Gourmet Escape 2018 Is Nearly Here : Tickets for Premier Food & Wine Event On Sale

Gourmet Escape Is Nearly Here : Tickets for Premier Food & Wine Event On Sale Gourmet Escape 2018 is nearly here, with tickets still on sale for experiences across the famous food and wine festival in the beautiful Margaret River region. There are tickets to the eclectic Gourmet Village on the weekend of the 17th and 18th November as well as...

Optus Stadium : Perth Stadium Secures Naming Rights, Singtel Beats Bankwest

Optus Stadium : Perth Stadium Secures Naming Rights - reports The new Perth Stadium will be known as "Optus Stadium" or "Optus Perth Stadium" - after the McGowan government agreed to a multi-million dollar, multi-year deal with Singapore telco giant SingTel. The official Optus Stadium announcement is set to take place soon. Ten News Perth Journalist Rebecca Munro first reported that Optus...

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