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Bob Hawke : Vale One of the Greats of Australia

Vale Bob Hawke. One of the titans of Australian political history, Bob Hawke, has died. The former Prime Minister was 89. As Australian's go to the polls in the May 18 election, one of the most famous names in our history will be mourned. Robert...

Win Mother’s Day Lunch in Perth

Win a beautiful Mothers Day lunch in Perth thanks to SoPerth and The Flour Factory. Here’s how: Win Mother’s Day Weekend lunch thanks to our friends at The Flour Factory 💐🍴🥂 To be in the draw, simply join the SoPerth Facebook group at the link below and comment...

Dragon Aurora Photograph

A Perth student has captured an amazing, and kind of freaky image while on holidays in the northern hemisphere. Jingyi Zhang from Curtin Uni, captured this image of the Northern Lights above Iceland ?? in the shape of a dragon....? Zhang’s image was shared by NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the...

Chopper Captures Mario Kart Being Played On Stadium Screen

Game of Mario Kart on stadium screen is captured by a news chopper fly-by. A baseball stadium in Kansas City has become the home to the world's biggest Mario Kart screen. The Crown Vision board at the home of the Kansas City Royals in Kauffman Stadium that sits facing the baseball diamond is...

19 Inspirational Quotes To Kick Off 2019

inspirational quotes 2019

19 inspirational quotes for 2019 from The Rock, to Albert Einstein to the Jerry Seinfeld that will inspire you for 2019.

Perfect Playlists To Help Celebreate New Year’s Eve

Your New Year's Eve playlist is sorted - 5 banging playlist to help you celebrate the new year!

17 Christmas Crackers Jokes That Are So Bad They’re Good

Bad Christmas Cracker Jokes

The best part about Christmas is not friends, family or gifts - it's the terrible Christmas cracker jokes!

Christmas Comet : One of the Closest Encounters in 1,100-Years Coming

Christmas Comet to make a very close encounter to Earth

You Can’t Escape It: Christmas Lights Programmed To Baby Shark

There's no doubting 2018 has been owned by Baby Shark - so it only seems fitting that there be a Christmas lights display programmed to Baby Shark.

Christmas Vacation Light Display: Christmas Light Display Goes Full Griswold

griswold christmas light display

Christmas lights displays goes full Griswold with a National lampoon Christmas Vacation lights display.

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