MSWA Step Up Is Back For 2024

MSWA Step Up
Are you ready to Step Up for an unforgettable experience of conquering heights and a cause close to the hearts of many?

MSWA Step Up Is Back For 2024

Are you ready to Step Up for an unforgettable experience of conquering heights and a cause close to the hearts of many?
MSWA Step Up
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In a cityscape dominated by skyscrapers, the annual MSWA Step Up event is back and better than ever for 2024. Join thousands of climbers — both young and old — as you pound the pavement and ascend the 1,103 steps of Perth’s tallest building, Central Park Tower. Set to kick off on Sunday, June 23rd, it’s a challenge that will test your vigour while contributing to a fantastic cause.

Whether you’re down to tackle the Mini Climb or the gruelling Multi Climb, you’ll be making a difference worth breaking a sweat for. So, why not sign up today?

What is MSWA Step Up?

MSWA Step Up
Credit: MSWA Step Up

The family-friendly event calls for participants to scale the iconic Central Park, all while raising vital funds to support MSWA’s essential services. Every dollar makes a huge difference, through providing support, funding research, and helping West Australians with neurological conditions live their version of best. The event isn’t merely a physical feat, but an opportunity for individuals and teams to make a substantial impact while pushing personal boundaries. 

Climbing for a cause

Over the past 17 years of Step Up, more than 12,200 climbers have fundraised over $2.3 million for MSWA. These funds go towards:

  • Helping MSWA provide a range of support and care services to people living with neurological conditions, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and in-home care. 
  • Purchase state-of-the-art equipment for people living with neurological conditions to use, at both MSWA-owned facilities and other health facilities around the state. 
  • Build high-support accommodation and respite facilities in various locations around WA. 
  • Fund vital research into finding the causes, better treatments, and cures for neurological conditions.

Four distinct climbs

MSWA Step Up
Credit: MSWA Step Up

With four distinct climbs to choose from, the MSWA Step Up event caters to people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Whether you’re a seasoned stair-climbing enthusiast or a first-timer, there’s a climb tailored to your comfort and challenge levels.

Mini Climb — 477 stairs (22 flights)

If you’re keen to get involved in all the fun but daunted by the idea of climbing all the stairs, this one’s for you. The Mini Climb is a great way to ease yourself into the event, while still feeling the exhilaration of crossing the finish line at the top of Central Park! All children — six years and over — must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the climb.

Prices start at $17.50.

One Up — all the stairs once

Climb all the stairs of Central Park, and experience the reward and exhilaration when you triumphantly cross the finish line. You’ll feel on top of the world as you enjoy the stunning view over Perth.

Prices start at $27.50.

Double Up — all the stairs twice

As the name suggests, the Double Up challenge involves climbing all of the Central Park stairs not once, but twice. There will be an hour between start times, meaning the quicker you climb the stairs the first time, the longer you have to recover until you get to do it all over again!

Prices start at $32.50.

Multi Climb — you tell us how many

If you want to take your Central Park stair climb to the next level, the Multi Climb is the perfect challenge. You can nominate how many times you want to attempt to conquer all the stairs to the top of Central Park. Whether it’s three times, four, or even more — it’s completely up to you.

Prices start at $37.50.

Protective services and frontline workers

MSWA Step Up
Credit: MSWA Step Up

Have you chatted in the lunchroom or office about the next team challenge? Why not combine team building with a real impact and take to the stairs this June?

If you’re a firefighter, nurse or doctor, St John team member, part of the State Emergency Service or the WA Police, you can take part for only $10.00.

Sign up or donate today

Registrations are now open for both individuals and teams, with the opportunity to take part in the event while fundraising for an incredible cause. When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to set up a donation page so friends and family can support you on your journey. It’s that easy! For an extra 10% off, use the So Perth discount code: SOSTEPUP10.

This article was created in partnership with MSWA.