Lifestyle Eats & Drinks Cheers & ISO Beers: A Perth Virtual Beer Tour Is Coming

Cheers & ISO Beers: A Perth Virtual Beer Tour Is Coming

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A Perth Virtual Beer Tour is coming to celebrate the froths!

The team at Hidden DeTours have been busy bringing you virtual tour while we can’t do them IRL. And since we know you like putting away a few neck oils, we know you’re going to love this!

They’ve already done an ISO Wine Tour to Bickley Valley and on Saturday, streamed their ISO Gin Distillery Tour and are now turning their attention to the froffs!

Perth’s first ISO Beer Tour will stream live via Facebook this Saturday (the 9th of May) so you can sip brews, learn about different types of beers, meet the brewers and brewery owners and get some insight from some beer enthusiasts.

How does it work?

You’ll virtually visit a bunch of breweries across 3.5 hours this Saturday from 12.30pm in approximately half hour mini eps. It’s free to tune in on the Hidden DeTours Facebook page.

Which breweries are on the books?

Blasta Brewing Co., Nowhereman Brewing Co., Bright Tank Brewing Co. and Seasonal Brewing Co. They might even sneak a last minute surprise brewery in – so stay tuned.

Who’ll be there for beer banter?

Not only have they line up a bunch of seasoned brewers and proud brewery owners – but they’ll also be joined by Chris Buckee and Daniel Rootman, beer enthusiasts who love sharing their thoughts on the frothies on the ‘gram.

Chris Buckee has been doing beer commentary on Instagram for almost two years now. A fierce supporter of Western Australian beers and the industry, he is becoming a regular feature of the community — with his beer reviews including amusing anecdotes and stories
with dubious truth to them.

The photography he features in his posts are often humorous and eye-catching in their composition. He has developed a strong following on Instagram and a growing one on Facebook, who are all ready to laugh with (and at) him.

Perth Virtual Beer Tour

Daniel Rootman, is 34, a husband, father of 2 boys – and a beer lover. What started as something ‘cool to do’ in 2017 has developed into a hobby. Then a passion.
@daniel_loves_beer was originally created as a place to post the ‘odd beer’. It has since developed into his beer lifestyle page. More than just beer itself, there’s events, family, alternate hobbies, mates (mainly beer though)

All photography, writing and thoughts are his own. Rather than just a ‘beer review’, Daniel will often tie it in to life situations, offering a comedic touch with honest and entertaining insight. Follow Daniel on Instagram.

Perth Virtual Beer Tour

Why are they doing it?

During this challenging time Monique Boucher was keen to support the local businesses she visits on the regular tours and help them out by shining a light on the incredible produce they make and the services they have on offer. 

“I’m very excited to invite Chris and Daniel to join us on the ISO Beer Tour this Saturday. They have previously experienced my Craft Beer Tours and are both so passionate and knowledgeable about beer. They’re both salt of the earth guys who are keen to support their beer friends during this challenging time, and have some fun whilst doing it.” Monique said.

“I have loved going on the Hidden deTours beer tour in the past and was enthusiastic to enjoy the company of Monique and good mate Daniel again, as well as the brewery staff.

I’m also keen to be part of anything that promotes local small business in the current beer conditions. It’s also the closest thing I can get to going to the pub at the moment.” Said Chris.

Daniel adds: “It is a fantastic idea to help out local breweries during this tough time. I want to help in giving something back to the industry I love.”

Here’s the Facebook event, so make it a watch party and invite ya mates while you raise your arm in refreshing salute to our local brews.

Coming up next in the series, we are thrilled to introduce the ISO Cider Tour on Saturday 16 May to amazing cider houses in the Perth Hills and Swan Valley. 

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