Boom, boom – let’s shake the room! For all you burger obsessed and flavour cravers: we have some very exciting news.

There’s no denying, when it comes to poultry, WA’s Chicken Treat has been making it happen since 1976. They’re the homegrown heroes who make a darn good chook, and all the sides that your heart desires. Because let’s face it, the reality is, are you even a West Aussie if you haven’t enjoyed their goods?

What we love about Chicken Treat is they’re constantly innovating. Yes, they have the tried-and-true classics (don’t ever take them away or there will be a riot!). But they are totally here to play with their evolved menu items like their sinfully good Crunchified Chicken. And now, they’ve upped the game with a brand new burger range that has caught our attention with just one word. BOOM.

In a town full of some serious burgers, Chicken Treat’s Boom Burger is nothing short of glorious – and we’re not exaggerating.


Chicken Treat’s customers have been asking them to bring back the Boom Burger for years, and in bringing it back they took the opportunity to totally reinvent the burger and take it to the next level.

The Spicy Boom Burger is here to play – reimagined, better than ever, addicted and here for a limited time only. My oh my!

Chicken Treat Heats Up The Perth Burger Scene With The Boom Burger
Chicken Treat – Boom Burger Single

Let’s talk about the ingredients and break it down for you.

First off there’s a new pretzel bun – which is a modern but sensible choice for structural integrity. You don’t want your burger collapsing under all that tastiness – Chicken Treat understand this and are the only fast food restaurant featuring a pretzel bun.

No surprises for the use of their signature Tempta breast fillet (it’s a classic for a reason), but there’s a generous dusting of seasoning that brings flavour and heat. And it’s not just any seasoning – it’s the oh so famous, oh so iconic, Frank’s RedHot seasoning. For us, that’s where we knew this was something to sit up and pay attention to. After all, when a brand has been around since 1920, it must be for a good reason.


Texture comes from the crisp lettuce and red onion, but then there’s the decadent Cheezy Jalapeno Bites, cheese and spicy Sriracha mayo. It all works really well together and will have you yelling out “boom” after the first bite.

Do the burger solo, or check out their two box meals – the Boom Burger Box and the Boom Crunchified Box.

Mic drop moment? We think so – head to for your closest store and to order now.

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